World Fair Trade Day 2011


Join us in getting 100,000 people in N. America to take a Fair Trade Coffee Break!

Events: May 1-15, 2011


World Fair Trade Day is the largest Fair Trade event of the year in N. America. Businesses, nonprofit organizations, churches, student groups, civic associations, families, stores and advocates host hundreds of events – including Fair Trade food tastings, talks, music concerts, fashion shows and much more – to promote Fair Trade and campaign for trade justice together with farmers & artisans. Fair World Project is a sponsor of World Fair Trade Day 2011. 

Take action:

  • Host a World Fair Trade Day Fair Trade coffee, tea or chocolate tasting. Find 100% Fair Trade brands and products at our online directory.

  • Send a letter to the editor of your local paper and encourage your community members to join you in celebrating World Fair Trade Day 2011

  • Distribute “For a Better World” for free at your business or organization. “For a Better World,” a free semi-annual publication, is the first of its kind. Featuring articles from a variety of perspectives; from farmer workers to 100% committed fair trade brands to deciphering certification schemes and trade organizations, “For a Better World” is an excellent resource to educate consumers. Click here to request “For a Better World” for distribution.

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