Newsletter 137: The World Celebrates Fair Trade This Week!

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The World Celebrates Fair Trade This Week!
(May 06th 2015)

Something to Get Behind!

Raise the WageSo often we ask our network to resist unfair trade policies or simply say “no” (see below request to Stop Fast Track), but this week a bill was introduced into Congress that we want to support. The Raise the Wage Act will increase the federal minimum wage to $12/hour by 2020 and gradually phase out the lower wage for tipped workers. This bill will be good news for nearly 38 million workers, many of them educated, most of them adults.

Although there is a lot of popular support for this legislation, there are opponents in Congress who will try to block it, just as they did with a less ambitious bill last year.

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day!

May 9th is World Fair Trade Day and this year our theme is Small-Scale Farmers Cool the Planet. We’ve partnered with nine fair brands and over a thousand retailers to bring you discounts, demos, and samples all week.

Our latest video highlights the contribution to industrial agriculture to climate change and shows how small-scale farmers using regenerative agroecology can mitigate and even reverse climate change.

We are also asking everyone to take action this World Fair Trade Day. In addition to supporting brands like Alaffia, Alter Eco, Dr. Bronner’s, Equal Exchange, Maggie’s Organics, Guayaki, Runa, Farmer Direct Co-op, and Canaan who are partnering with farmers on the ground to mitigate and reverse climate change, you can also advocate for policies that invest in farmers.

Join the Call for Fair Trade

In case you missed it, a new Fast Track bill was introduced last month. This is bad news for farmers, working families, public health, the environment, and anyone who believes in the democratic process.

Congress has the power to vote for or against Fast Track. However, much of the pressure to negotiate these free trade agreements comes from multi-national companies and their corporate lobbyists who are interested in making trade more profitable to their own company, no matter what the cost to the farmers, workers, and small businesses along the way. For this reason, we also need more businesses to step up and oppose Fast Track.

 * Tell Starbucks to oppose Fast Track and insist on fair trade products and policies.
 * Remind Congress that you object to Fast Track.

Support Our Work!

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