Newsletter 140: The Time Is Now!

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The Time Is Now!
(June 11th 2015)

A Fair Deal or No DealThe House of Representatives is expected to vote on Fast Track this Friday.

We’ve all been diligent in writing our Representatives and last week’s coordinated call-in day generated over 60,000 calls from concerned citizens like yourself asking the House to Stop Fast Track.

These calls have been helping, but it is too soon to let up pressure. It is important to call again today.

As a reminder, Fast Track is the bill needed to give President Obama authority to move forward with negotiating new global trade policies. It is the way Congress says, “we trust your judgment and don’t need to see the details first.” But we do need the details first. We need to make sure any new trade deal works for the 99% and not just large multi-national corporations motivated only by profit.

Calling is the most effective way to get the message across, but your emails help as well.

We can win this but we need your help!

Thank you for your action,

Kerstin Lindgren

Campaign Director

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