Six Years Is Too Long!

July 24th will mark 6 years from the last time the federal minimum wage has been raised.  In the last 6 years, prices on lots of everyday items and basic needs like food and housing have gone up but millions of low-wage workers earn $7.25/hour, a poverty wage even at full-time hours.

The Raise the Wage Act gives Congress a chance to change this and help 35 million low-wage workers get a much-needed raise. This legislation will even gradually raise the wage for tipped workers, who now face a $2.13/hour minimum wage and have been stuck there even longer.

To show how broad support is for raising the minimum wage and to mark the July 24th anniversary, Fair World Project is joining other allies like National Employment Law Project, Organizing for Action, MomsRising, and Economic Policy Institute to present Congress with a petition in support of the Raise the Wage Act.

And mark your calendar now to participate on Facebook and Twitter in raising the profile of this important issue. Plan to tell your own story of how a higher minimum wage can or has helped you! Stay tuned for details.

3 thoughts on “Six Years Is Too Long!

  1. What part of “a living wage” don’t these selfish greedy derelicts-of-duty know? Legal Americans need to LIVE off their wages – now.

  2. Why would I want the minimum wage increased? I want the illegals and immigrants out of here as our people need/needed those jobs but they only got them BECAUSE THEY WORK CHEAP. THIS CONCENTRATED THE WEALTH AT THE TOP, NOW THEY KNOW WHY OUR PEOPLE DID NOT WORK CHEAP. WHEN THE ILLEGALS ARE PUT OUT THEN I WILL VOTE TO RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE FOR our COLLEGE STUDENTS TRYING TO PAY OFF THEIR DEBT. THE MONEY MADE stays IN THIS COUNTRY, TOTALLY WHEN WE HIRE OUR OWN. Anybody that votes for raising the minimum wage now before they get out is dumb as a rock.
    Please stick to organics. Is your new co-director responsible for all this stupid liberal crp? If I want to contribute to causes such as these I will go to organizations of which this is their focus. I did not appreciate the dumb article that you people think there is a prayer of Hillary seeing the light on gmos. Please come back to the real world. That will never happen and I resent you even scratching that surface. There would be somebody dumb enough to vote for her from seeing your article. I will not contribute to your organization if you do not stick to your core purpose.

  3. Why? Can you even imagine working for a minimum wage? I cannot. I would not, no matter what, I would rather die!
    If you do not stop big corporations from paying super low wages our people will continue to opt for unemployment /welfare and I cannot blame them: it is slavery to work for minimum wage, in US anyone can get the same living standard, or better, by begging on the corner or relying on government, which takes money from our pockets for various supplements as people cannot be left hungry at our day and age, breading bureaucracy wasting money left and right. Do you really want to keep inhumane conditions in your country to drive away immigrants? Make it as poor, as countries they come from and immigrants will not come for sure, will it work for you?  If legal immigrants upset you, you need to fight on different levels. Immigration attorneys are big force and, again, business, making too much on underpayments, became way too powerful and can do whatever: outsource work, create laws suiting it, and invite cheaper labor legally. Small farmers and any small business is in danger form the same source: too easily rich corporations. One way to stop Food Inc., for example, is to demand wage raise: enough making people paupers then use money to brainwash and poison.
    Poor illegals will be chased away by low wages? Probably by $1.00 but not $7.00 or even $5.00. Those people will be coming anyhow: they are literally hungry. We need to make our government to really concentrate on helping other countries to fight poverty and corruption: it is very possible, instead of catering to super rich everywhere. No evil to anyone will produce any good: ultimately we are all the same: citizens of the world. One country will not do well surrounded by misery and poverty, and honestly, from humanitarian and/or truly Christian point of view should not.

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