Family Farms
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  • National Family Farm Coalition links grassroots organizations working on domestic family farm issues and is a valuable resource on domestic farm policy, food sovereignty, and other family farm related issues.
  • Farm Aid is an organization dedicated to promoting family farms and helping them thrive. Their annual concert raises both money and awareness for the cause and they provide both financial resources through a grant program and educational resources to fulfill their mission.  
  • Greenhorns is an organization that supports new farmers in the US through networking, events, and other resources.  
  • The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition is an alliance of grassroots organizations focused on national agriculture policy that provides resources for education and action related to the farm bill, food safety, and local food systems, among others.  
  • The Rural Coalition is a alliance of farmers, farmworkers, migrant, immigrant, and indigenous people working on a range of policy issues including the farm bill.  
  • The US Food Sovereignty Alliance brings together a broad coalition of organizations and addresses issues such as poverty, hunger, and food justice, as it connects local food initiatives to the global movement for food sovereignty.  
  • Consulting the Genius of the Place
    Wes Jackson 2011
    Wes Jackson, founder of the Land Institute, has long been a leader in sustainable agriculture, conducting research, providing resources, and promoting new ideas such as perennial varieties to replace common annual crops. This book is not so much about farmers but about farming in a way that looks to nature, doing away with annual monocrops.  
  • The Land of Milk and Uncle Honey
    Alan Guebert with Mary Grace Foxwell
    ccAgriculture Policy Expert Alan Guebert writes of his own youth on the farm and how that can inform the future of farming.  
  • Wisconsin’s Dairyland Crisis
    Joel Greeno
    Article by Joel Greeno of Family Farm Defenders on the crisis for dairy farmers and what can be done to create change.  
  • 2014: The Year of Family Farming
    Danielle Nierenberg
    The UN designated 2014 the Year of Family Farming. In this article Danielle Nierenberg breaks down some statistics on small and mid-size farmers in the US globally and the need to invest in them.