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Valentine’s Day is almost here and we need to talk!

Valentine’s Day is almost here and if you’re one of the 70% of people in the U.S. who expresses your feelings with chocolate and flowers, we need to talk. That heart-shaped box of chocolates and dozen roses are the end products of supply chains that are anything but loving to farmers, their workers, and the […]

FWP Condemns Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric; Calls for Support of Vulnerable Immigrant Populations


Fair World Project joins the rest of the world in condemning Donald Trump’s recent comments on immigrants. His language is dismissive and disrespectful of immigrants who choose to come to the U.S. from countries such as El Salvador, Haiti, and the many countries of Africa as well as to citizens of those countries who choose […]

Fair World Project Looks Ahead to 2018

Farmer Hoeing by hand

Many people joined in the movement for fair food and farming systems in 2017. Thousands made a phone call, sent an email, shared a story, chose to support fair trade producers with purchases, or all of the above and more. Together, we are making change. and we are bringing this momentum full force into 2018. […]

Food Workers Resist!

Here in the U.S., food is on our minds as many prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. We’re proud to be part of a coalition that has declared the week of November 19-25 International Food Workers Week, a time to reflect on and appreciate the many hands and hard work that make our meals possible. […]

Rebuilding from the Grassroots: Join Us in Solidarity with Strong Resilient Communities

Irma Relief - Credit: Coalition of Immokalee Workers

The past few weeks and months have seen disaster upon disaster strike communities. From earthquakes shaking Mexico City and Chiapas to hurricanes hitting the Southern U.S. and Caribbean, to fires in the western states—and that’s just in North America. In the midst of widespread destruction and tragedy, communities have been rallying to support each other […]

Small-Scale Farmers Issue Urgent Call to Save Fair Trade

Photo by Morgana Wingard

“Fair trade labels were initially launched on the market as a way to promote the products of democratically-operating organizations of small producers in the South more directly to consumers around the world.” This is just one of the key points in a recent statement laid out by the Small Producers’ Symbol (SPP), drafted and affirmed […]

Fair World Project Condemns Recent Events at Charlottesville

Fair World Project condemns the violence, racism, anti-Semitism, bigotry, and ideology of oppression that took place in Charlottesville over the weekend. This incident, and the philosophy that drives it, threatens people of color, religious minorities, immigrants, and others among the most marginalized in our country. We stand for inclusion and justice and will continue to […]

Protect Our Children: Toxic Pesticides Have No Place in a Just Food System

Crop Duster Plane

by Kerstin Lindgren When we first published our report Justice in the Fields and accompanying fact sheet Who Grew Your Food last fall, we urged consumers to look for strong certification labels or union labels, but also to support advocacy campaigns. A bill was just introduced into Congress that is exactly the kind of advocacy […]

Green & Black’s Turns Away from Fair Trade

Green & Black Chocolate Bar

by Kerstin Lindgren We have been sounding the alarm about Mondelez’s Cocoa Life program ever since the mega chocolate company announced its iconic brand Cadbury would drop fair trade in favor of Cocoa Life. While we acknowledged that a company with as many supply chain and ethical issues as Mondelez may be best left out […]

NAFTA Objectives Confirm Intent for Unfair Trade

Summary of Objectives for the NAFTA Renegotiation

On Monday the U.S. Trade Representative’s office released initial trade objectives for the Trump Administration’s NAFTA renegotiation. Rather than accounting for the calls from public health, labor, and sustainable agriculture groups to make NAFTA a truly fair agreement, the goals reflect elements of recent poorly crafted trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Specifically, they lack […]