Imagine an economy that rewarded small-scale producers for their hard work, fed us all healthy food, and clothed us sustainably. While that day can feel far away, there are people working to make that dream a reality.

From organic cotton farmers using low- to no-till methods in India to Ecuadorian farmers pairing agroforestry with cacao, and from farmers in Michoacán revolutionizing the corporate avocado supply chain to coffee farmers in Honduras brewing up new possibilities for organic, biodynamic farming, fair trade partnerships are supporting these planet-sustaining growing techniques and building a more just economy in the process.

We asked members of our staff and editorial board for some of their current favorite choices of products from companies committed to the principles of fair trade and regenerative organic farming. Find them online or at your favorite natural food store!

Maggie’s Organics Convertible Skirt DressMaggie’s Organics Convertible Skirt Dress

I love Maggie’s Organics convertible skirt dress because it is so easy to wear, and the organic cotton is so soft, it feels like I am wearing pajamas yet still look pulled together. It is a good travel piece (and that is important, since I am always going somewhere) because it is so versatile: layered for cool weather, and dressed up or down in a minute. And did I mention that the organic cotton is from small-scale farmers in India? – Dana

Alter Eco Fair Trade Organic Chocolate with QuinoaAlter Eco Fair Trade Organic Chocolate with Quinoa

What can I say, it is just so nice to have good chocolate with a crunch from a company that invests in small-scale farmers. The last time we had one of these bars in the house, my daughter asked for “the chocolate with chickpeas.” She remembered that there was something healthy about it, just not all the details! – Kerstin

Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade Organic Coconut OilDr. Bronner’s Fair Trade Organic Coconut Oil

From beauty product to hair care to a tablespoon in a morning cup of coffee, everyone on our team has had their moment of raving about just how good this coconut oil is. Whole kernel is best if you want the coconut taste and aroma, but white kernel is perfect when you want a little more subtlety to your coconut oil fix. – Stuart

Peace Coffee Organic Tree Hugger BlendPeace Coffee Organic Tree Hugger Blend

I love everything about this blend: it is well-roasted in that way that tastes caramelly yet still lets the best of the beans come through. The coffee comes from the COMSA cooperative in Honduras whose producers are doing some of the most amazing work advancing organic coffee production right now, from compost tea concoctions to organic diploma programs for farmers. And who could say no to a tribute to trees? – Anna

Equal Exchange Fair Trade Organic AvocadosEqual Exchange Fair Trade Organic Avocados

Avocados are one of my favorite foods, but since I live in Washington, DC, I do not often buy them, knowing that the supply chain can be murky at best. Recently, though, I bought a glorious avocado carrying an Equal Exchange sticker. I had a rare moment of affirmation and delight, recognizing that I was supporting an ethical supply chain that I could trust and feel good about. That feeling was amplified 1000x when I tasted it. I looked up their avocado program and loved what I read, especially upon seeing the graphic at the link below. – Fletcher

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