Chobani and Fair Trade USA recently released a new “fair trade dairy” label that claims to promote worker wellbeing. But farm workers reveal the hidden costs of unfair dairy.

This season, we’re unpacking the real solutions to the dairy industry’s ever-growing crisis and hearing from the farmers, workers, and advocates working to tackle the root causes of unfair dairy.

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Fair Trade Dairy: A False Solution

October 19, 2021

Crispin Hernandez and the Workers Center of Central New York won historic legal protections for farmworkers in Episode 1. Now they take their demands to Chobani's doorstep. They are calling for recognition - but that's not what they get. Will Chobani listen to the workers that make milk possible?

Season 2 Trailer

October 12, 2021

A new "fair trade dairy" label claims to promote the wellbeing of farm workers, but stories from inside dairy farms reveal the story of unfair dairy.

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