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January 12, 2021

Introducing: For a Better World, a new podcast about fair trade and the farmer and worker-led movements that are fighting for equitable food and farming systems. We’re kicking off our first season with a story that unwraps some bitter truths behind Nestle’s KitKat bar.

Deforestation and child labor; poverty prices and climate change; the farmers who feed the world’s appetite for chocolate are facing dire circumstances. In this series, guests from Fiji to Cote d’Ivoire reveal the hidden costs of Nestle’s chocolate supply chains—and the alternative models and farmer-led solutions that can build a better world for everyone.

Dana Geffner (Host): Take a look around…behind every single thing you wear, eat, and use there are countless untold stories. Standing in the grocery store, you might not always think about the impact of your everyday decisions or how something like a simple bar of chocolate connects you to people around the globe.

Simran Sethi: “There was a cocoa farmer I met in Ecuador who says, you know, with each bar chocolate, you’re eating my hopes and my dreams.”

Fortin Bley and Frank Komen (with English interpretation): “If Nestle doesn’t change its decision, the producer will have to do what he has to do, but it will be like dehumanizing.”

Dana Geffner (Host): From Fair World Project, I’m Dana Geffner and this is For a Better World, where you’ll hear stories from farmers, workers, and activists that expose the hidden costs behind everything around us. We’re kicking off our first season with a story that reveals a bitter truth about the chocolate bar with one of the catchiest taglines in history: THE KITKAT BAR. In this series, we’ll trace each of the main ingredients back to the source, to unpack the process and meet some of the people involved. And we’ll dive into the individual actions that can help shape a “better world” for everyone.

Andres Gonzales (with English interpretation): “We realized that only together we could do great things so we united and started organizing.”

Safianu Moro: “Our idea has been to try and get biodiversity in the field…to bring all these crops together on the same land…and mimic the natural forest.”

Simran Sethi: “We can stop these trajectories that we’re on…if we elect a different set of politicians, if we hold the institutions accountable.”

Dana Geffner (Host): Hear stories from people organizing for just systems that nourish thriving communities on the new podcast, For a Better World. New episodes coming January 2021, available wherever you listen to podcasts. Find out more and subscribe at

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