Newsletter 179: Just Say No to Neurotoxins on Our Food!

Support the Senate Bill Banning Deadly Neurotoxin on Food

Support Bill S.1624 Banning NeurotoxinWe have the scientific studies to be able to say it definitively: chlorpyrifos is a deadly neurotoxin. Yet it is regularly sprayed on our corn, soybeans, oranges, apples, strawberries, broccoli, and other common food crops, causing deadly consequences for farmworkers, their children, and rural communities. It also leaves its residue behind for all of us to consume.

The EPA was set to take action and ban this pesticide, but now it is stalling. A group of Senators have introduced a bill to take legislative action and get this toxin out of our food system now.

Take action below to let them know you support this bill now!

Is Democratic and Sustainable Trade Possible?

Kevin NeuLike thousands of advocates for fair trade and human and environmental rights around the world, we’ve long called for changes to NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement). Now the Trump administration has announced that they’ll be renegotiating the deal with Mexico and Canada, the question is whether the results will favor corporate lobbyists and the 1% or whether we’ll get a deal that protects farmers & working people as promised.

Unfortunately, things aren’t looking good. Read on for 3 things to look for as negotiations begin — and a few ideas for fair, sustainable trade.

Green & Black Chocolate Turning Away from Fair Trade, Organic

If you follow us on social media or read our newsletter regularly, you’ll know that the last few months we have been running a campaign against Mondelez, parent company of Green & Black and many other chocolate brands. We’ve opposed their new low bar CocoaLife program for its lack of minimum pricing to cocoa farmers, among other major issues. Now Green & Black is taking the next step–away from fair trade and organic certification for their newest bar.

If you haven’t already, join thousands of others in signing our petition urging Mondelez to reconsider. More on the blog about this step backwards for fairness and farmers

Who Grew Your Food?

Read the Farmworkers Fact SheetWe talked above about the neurotoxic pesticide chlorpyrifos, but that’s just one of the hazards in our food system. The people who grow our food face extreme heat, dangerous equipment, and exploitation every day, yet there are things every eater can do to help grow a more fair food system.
Download our fact sheet for tips you can take in –and outside of—the grocery store.

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