Newsletter 176: Kick out the Corporate Lobbyists, Make Trade Deals Work for Farmers & Families

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Renegotiating NAFTA Shouldn’t Be Corporate Business as Usual

Fair Trade vs Free TradePresident Trump has given the required 90-day notice of his intent to renegotiate NAFTA. Yet leaked documents show that instead of the fair deal for working families that he campaigned on, this is shaping up to be corporate business as usual.
The first step to making it right? Bring the right people to the negotiating table. Let President Trump know that instead of corporate lobbyists, we need family farmer and grassroots labor representatives at the table. Only then will we get a fair deal for working families!

Empowerment is Not Top Down

strawberry pickers in Oxnard CAFair Trade USA’s label is showing up on fruits and vegetables in produce departments around the country. But theirs is not the only farmworker justice label in the marketplace, and it’s certainly not the best.

While there’s a clear need for justice and better working conditions for often underpaid and exploited farmworkers, analysis reveals that this well-marketed label is not positioned to make the real change needed in our food system. Instead, there are many better grassroots initiatives to support.

Fund the Future of Food and Climate Resilience

Coffee Sprouts - Postada COMSAFair trade cooperative COMSA in Honduras is renown in the coffee community for their amazing dedication to organic and biodynamic farming practices. Think compost, rich brews of micro-organisms, community development, and more. They’ve even founded an organic diploma program, training small-scale farmers from the region in the techniques that they’ve developed.

Now you can sponsor a farmer to attend this school: Give now through Grow Ahead, our crowdfunding initiative, to fund local, grassroots learning!

Follow Us through Guatemala

San Juan Herbal Gardens - Maya TraditionsWe recently returned from a trip to Guatemala visiting womens’ weaving and basket-making cooperatives. Find our travelogue on Instagram, we are @fairworldprj (you don’t need an account to see the pictures!).

Share your Favorite Fair Food Recipe!

Pancakes ImageWe are always ready to snack on some fair trade chocolate, and start every day with a cup of fair trade tea (or coffee for an extra boost!). But those common products just scratch the surface of fair trade options.

In our next issue of For A Better World, we’ll be featuring recipes that go beyond the basics and we’re hoping you will send us your favorites. Have you cracked the secret of fair trade cashew milk? Something craveable you do with quinoa? Send your favorites to [email protected] for a chance to be featured.

Additional Reading:

  • Invest in the Future of Food (and Coffee!) Choosing fair trade products when you shop is just one way to support small-scale farmers, yet the reality is that those purchases alone can’t fund the transition to a future of truly regenerative, organic farming. Now there’s another way to invest in the future of your coffee, our food system, and our planet.
  • Deadly Pesticide, Dangerous Consequences A pesticide that was set to be banned before the Trump administration reversed course has been blamed for sickening nearly 50 farm workers who were exposed to the chemical in California.
  • Feeding the World without Destroying it The good news is we already have the methods to both feed and cool the planet: agroecology. The problem is, the agrifoods industry—and our political leaders—want to keep business as usual.

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