Newsletter 170: Make Trade Fair for All!

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Make Trade FairThe Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is officially dead, thanks to opposition from a broad coalition of people all around the globe and the signature of President Trump. Yet as the President promises to renegotiate NAFTA and other trade deals, those of us who came together to oppose the TPP have to continue to make our voices heard.
Let the President and Congress know that you support trade deals that are truly fair for all, not just the interests of a few big corporate interests!

Tell TIAA: Don’t Invest in Destruction

A sound investment strategy for the future is smart. That’s why many retirement and pension plans invest with companies like TIAA. Investing in deforestation and the destruction of communities isn’t a smart move for our collective futures, but unfortunately that’s what far too many of TIAA’s funds do.

Peoples’ Resistance Thwarts Nomination of #AntiLaborSecretary

Facing a broad, bipartisan coalition of resistance, Andrew Puzder withdrew his nomination to lead the Dept. of Labor.

We’re appreciative of the thousands who organized, demonstrated, called, and wrote their Senators to oppose the nomination of a clearly unqualified nominee who was at odds with the mission of the department he was nominated to lead.

We will follow closely the vetting process of replacement nominee Alexander Acosta.

Fair Trade: A Movement for All


Politicians have recently been misusing the term “fair trade” a lot lately, promoting an isolationist agenda. Such ideas stand in direct opposition to the concepts of justice and inclusivity that underlie the fair trade movement. That’s why we’ve issued a joint statement calling for trade that is truly equitable for all, including artisans, farmers and workers, traders and brands, consumers and civil society. Fair trade should never be about exclusion, but about expanding the benefits of trade for those who need it most.

Sonny Perdue: An Agriculture Secretary for the Status Quo

We need an agriculture secretary to help lead a transformation of our food system. Instead, current nominee Sonny Perdue brings more of the same.

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