Newsletter 169: Take Action: Make the “Fair Trade” Promise Reality

Fair World Project: For A Better World

Take action today to demand truly inclusive and fair trade agreements.

Over 2 Million farmers and workers in Mexico were impacted by NAFTAIn the first days of Trump’s administration, he officially withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the massive trade pact with eleven other countries that Congress had already declined to sign into law, and promised to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

But the future of trade, and its fairness, under Trump is far from clear. A strong and truly fair trade agreement will meet multiple needs and priorities including:

  • All stakeholders should be at the table. This include low-wage and middle class workers, but also small-scale, sustainable farmers, farmworkers, consumer advocates, environmental protectors, and indigenous communities from all member countries, not just corporations writing agreements to benefit themselves.
    • Preference should be given to agroecology and food justice. The TPP was widely expected to benefit the agriculture sector, largely expanding opportunities to the conventional agriculture sector that produces unhealthy food using unsustainable methods that drive climate change. The next round of trade agreements must prioritize agricultural systems that ensure fair payments for farmers, decent agricultural jobs, biodiversity and regenerative agriculture, and healthy food.
  • The climate crisis must be addressed. Trade agreements are binding. Climate agreements, like the global agreement crafted in Paris in 2015 largely are not. Therefore, if we are serious about addressing the climate crisis, climate goals must receive priority in binding trade agreements.
  • People must be prioritized over profits. Previous trade agreements drove a race to the bottom, encouraging companies to move jobs to where wages are lower and labor rights not enforced. In this scenario, no one wins. Fair trade means fair payments, living wages, and dignified work for people in all participating countries.

Take action now to tell Congress and the President we demand truly fair trade!
Thank you for taking action today,

p.s. The next Secretary of Agriculture will also influence trade and agriculture policies. Read our take on nominee Sonny Perdue.

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