Newsletter 163: Three Things You Can Do for Healthy, Sustainable Food

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Elected Officials Must Prioritize Food Policy:

Plate of the UnionThroughout this election season, we have heard a lot about the presidential candidates. We’ve heard a lot about emails, national security, character traits, and a host of other topics. But not nearly enough about food and farming. Food touches every aspect of our lives, from health, environmental, agricultural, trade, and labor policies–and that’s why we need to let our elected (and soon-to-be elected) officials know that we want a healthy, sustainable food system. We’ve got three quick actions you can take to make your voice heard now!

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Why Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)?

Dana Geffner Speaking at Rock Against The TPP in Portland OR.The government and mainstream media have reported that the TPP will benefit the agriculture sector. But what they are not saying is that the sector of the agriculture system that will benefit is the industrial system that harms people and the planet. The United States is highly reliant on industrial agricultural, which means those 12 countries going into the agreement will be pitting their small-scale farmers against our large-scale farming practices. This will force small-scale farmers out of business and off their lands, strengthening the industrial agricultural machine.

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Fair Trade + Three: A Vision for Trade Justice

A Vision For Fair Trade JusticeFair trade farmers around the world put so much effort into growing the cocoa, coffee, tea, spices, coconut oil, nuts (and more!) that we enjoy. Yet these crops are not the staples that they need to live on. Growing food crops and cultivating biodiversity is essential to cultivating truly sustainable livelihoods. Fair Trade Alliance Kerala (FTAK) is committed to tackling this issue head on with their vision of “Fair Trade + Three.” Read on for how they’re making the connection between food security, biodiversity, and gender justice in their inspiring vision of trade justice.

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“Another World is Needed, Together it is Possible”

Another World is Needed - Together it is Possible.We traveled to Montreal to join thousands of other activists at the World Social Forum, including many committed fair traders from around the globe. Dana, our Executive Director, took part in several panels examining the future of the movement. How can fair trade partnerships help combat climate change? That’s just one of the questions they discussed.

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