Newsletter 161: Seven Years is Too Long, It’s Time for a Raise!

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Need a raise? You’re not alone!

Raise the Minimum WageWith so many recent victories at the state and local level to win wage increases for workers – California, New York, and Washington D.C. among others – it is easy to get caught up in the excitement. These are all victories to be celebrated and will benefit millions of low-wage workers. But millions more are stuck at the federal minimum wage of just $7.25/hour. This month marks 7 years since the last increase in the federal minimum wage. Two bills that would change this are stalled in Congress. It’s time to raise the minimum wage.

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The High Cost of Cheap Palm Oil

High Cost of Cheap Palm OilWhat’s really in that snack food?
Too frequently, the answer is palm oil produced with slavery, child labor, and worker and human rights abuses.

Sacrificing the lives, health, and safety of the people who work on palm oil plantations is far too high a price to pay for the cheap palm oil that’s in so many packaged snacks and processed foods.

This new video from Rainforest Action Network tells the story of a few of those workers:

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Tell the President: We Want to Know What’s In Our Food

Want to Know if its GMOThere’s a bill making its way to President Obama’s desk that would pre-empt Vermont’s mandatory GMO labeling law with weaker, unenforceable standards.
Nine in 10 Americans say they support the same sort of labeling of products containing genetically engineered ingredients that is available to consumers in 64 other countries. This bill does not deliver such clarity. Hidden behind QR codes and a series of convoluted exemptions, this compromise legislation keeps consumers in the dark.
Add your signature to this petition to the President to use his veto power to stop this bill becoming a law:

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