Newsletter 157: Poultry processors denied bathroom breaks!

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Tell Tyson to Be Fair to Workers!

Tyson controls a huge portion of the poultry sector and that means Tyson has a big impact on farmers and workers in the sector. Unfortunately, the impact Tyson has is too often negative. Poultry workers in Arkansas, whose plight has been documented in a recent report, are right now asking for your support. Please sign the petition to ask Tyson to ensure workers have safe conditions, fair pay, and adequate breaks.

Tell Tyson to Be Fair to Workers!

It’s Time to Celebrate World Fair Trade Day!

Watch The Fair Trade Story and Enter to Win... Next Saturday is World Fair Trade Day, a day that we recognize the contributions of small-scale farmers and fair brands to creating a more just agriculture and trade system. Hundreds of stores are participating with promotions, discounts, and demos, making it even easier for you to find and support fair brands and the small-scale farmers they buy from. Find an event near you!

And to help you celebrate all year long, fair brands are offering to give a lucky winner a year supply of fair trade product. Do you love your Maggie’s organic socks, Dr. Bronner’s soap, Theo chocolate, and Guayaki yerba mate? Watch our new Story of Fair Trade video and enter to win!

Find an event near you!
Watch The Fair Trade Story and enter to win!

Nominate the Place You Live!

We celebrate World Fair Trade Day next week, but we know there are fair trade activists out there advocating for a just economy every day. We want to recognize the most active communities through our first ever Fair Cities list. Does your town or city have:

Grassroots organizations working on trade policy
Local polies that support small-scale farmers and workers
Fair brands involved in your community
Grassroots organizations promoting alternative business models and fair trade products
Educational institutions that conduct fair trade research and offer fair trade educational opportunities

If so, we want to hear about it! Read the full criteria and find out how to make a nomination. Our first list of fair cities will be announced this fall!
Fair Cities

Solidarity with Ecuador in Wake of Earthquake

Support Producer Communities in Ecuador - Earthquake ReliefThank you to all who have donated to the fund we set up in partnership with Equal Exchange and the Small Producer Symbol to support victims of last month’s earthquake in Ecuador. We know that several fair trade co-ops were impacted, with damage to both co-op infrastructure and individual farmer homes. We are still accepting donations that will be sent directly to the local fair trade network there to help with recovery.

Thanks again for your support!

Thank You! Human Rights Leader Victor Diaz Has Been Released

Victor Diaz ReleasedWe have been supporting Victor Diaz, a dairy worker and human rights leader with Migrant Justice who was detained several weeks ago. Fair World Project, along with dozens of other organizations wrote a letter in support of Victor and hundreds of individuals signed a petition supporting him. Thank you to all who took action in response to our call to action via Facebook and Twitter. The judge was impressed by this support and has allowed Victor to be released to his family and community! Thank you for your support!

Additional Reading

Farmworkers continue to organize and demand fair contracts in Washington and beyond.
“Days of Fury and Days of Tears” – A leader for agricultural justice is detained in Vermont.

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