Newsletter 146: Victory for Farmworkers, TPP Action, and a New Resource for You

Fair World Project – October 1st 2015 – FWP’s bi-monthly newsletter focuses on the TPP Atlanta rallies, Food and Climate, and release of our Fall print newsletter.
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Victory for Farmworkers, TPP Action, and a New Resource for You 
(October 1st 2015)

Fall Newsletter Now Available

Fall 2015 NewsletterCalling retailers and activists! Looking for a quick resource to educate people at your store or event? Our one-page fall newsletter is now available for download. Covering current events, opportunities for action, and more on topics like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), minimum wage, and Wal-Mart’s greenwashing efforts, this is a quick resource to put out at your event or store to engage and educate the people you want to reach.

Stop the TPP Today!

You may have heard by now that the next round of TPP talks are happening this week in Atlanta. This is a crucial time as trade representatives hope to finalize this still secret and corporate-friendly agreement that puts farmers, working families, public health, and the environment at risk. If we can stop the talks now, we could stop them for good, or at least stall them for years to come.

If you are in Atlanta today, please join the rallies at noon and 5 p.m. to Stop the TPP! You can be part of history.

If you are not in Atlanta, you can still help. You can spread the word about the rallies.

And take action to tell President Obama that we will continue to oppose the TPP as long as the text is secretly negotiated with input from corporate advisors.

Victory! Thank You for Your Part!

Last summer (2014), Farmworker Association of Florida (FWAF) asked us and other allied organizations to submit comments to the EPA as they considered strengthening the Worker Protection Standard. We heard from hundreds of you and incorporated your comments into the letter we submitted to the EPA. We know that many more of you wrote to the EPA directly using the template we created using FWAF’s talking points. EPA has now come out with their revised Worker Protection Standard incorporating much of what we all asked for. Though it is still not perfect, it provides far stronger protection for farmworkers at risk of pesticide exposure. Congratulations to the Farmworker Association of Florida, other farmworker organizations who worked hard to see these changes, and the millions of farmworkers who will ultimately benefit from these stronger regulations.

Put Farmers at the Forefront of the Food and Climate Agenda

Even the Pope is talking about climate change and we are likely to hear more and more as we approach the UN’s Conference of the Parties next round of climate talks in Paris this December. But we rarely hear about the role of agriculture in climate change. Farmers are some of the most vulnerable to climate change, with farmers around the world already in a daily struggle to adapt to new climate patters. But through simple agroecology farming methods, many are also taking CO2 out of the air and putting it back in the ground where it belongs. World Food Day is coming up on October 16th and that is the perfect opportunity to re-center advocacy to ensure small-scale organic farmers and pastoralists are not only safeguarded at the upcoming talks, but also given the support they need to feed the world and cool the planet.

And don’t forget to checkout to endorse the call to action and join the movement for climate, food and farm justice this World Food Day 2015!

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