Newsletter 126: We Still Have More To Do Together

FWP for Climate Justice - Sep. 2014

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Newsletter 126: We Still Have More To Do Together
-November 17th 2014 –

We have made progress this year but there is still lots to be done.

First, the signs of progress.

Fair trade is growing, but fair brands are growing faster. That is, brands that are committed to fair trade principles at every level of their business are seeing sales of their products grow faster than token fair trade products of brands with minimal commitment who may use fair trade for mere marketing purposes. This is great news for consumers who want more options for products that match their values, farmers who benefit from relationships with committed buyers as well as the fair brands and their employees. This is why over 1,100 retailers participate in World Fair Trade Day, promoting these fair brands and offering discounts and samples to consumers.

More people are accepting the challenge to create a more just economy. When we first started our publication, For A Better World, we knew we wanted to address the challenges of fair trade and not just gloss over them. In our first nine issues we’ve covered not only challenges of fair trade, but related issues like corporate concentration, GMOs, animal welfare, and ethical apparel. And people are responding. We printed just 50,000 copies of our first issue. Circulation is now up to 200,000 and is found in 1200 locations in the US and Canada including fair trade stores like Ten Thousand Villages, local co-op and natural food stores, and larger chains like Whole Foods Market.
For a Better World, Issue 9.

Our campaigns are having an impact. Fair World Project and our network of supporters have joined a diverse constituent of other social justice NGOs, labor unions, trade watchdogs and others to call for fair trade not free trade and to stop the Fast Track, a fight that we are, so far, winning. We joined an even more diverse group in New York in September for the largest climate justice event in history and continue to bring the message that small-scale farmers, rather being some of the most vulnerable victims of climate chaos, can play an active role in mitigation with the right support. This is all in addition to our ongoing work of advocating for clear messaging in the fair trade marketplace and creating tools like our certifier analysis and brand analysis to help consumers sort out the confusion.

FWP for Climate Justice - Sep. 2014 But there is still much more to be done to create space for fair brands to grow while limiting power of large multinational corporations, establish fair trade policies including those that cool and not heat the planet, and create a society in which small-scale farmers thrive rather than fight for land and market access.

And for us to continue to play our part, we need your help. We need you to continue to take action on our alerts, send feedback on our publications, and spread the word.

Your gift will help us continue to provide our publication for free and to be at the forefront of a movement to bring about a more just economy. Any amount helps!

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