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September 23rd 2019
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Leading Fair Trade Watchdog and Advocacy Organization Publishes 19th Issue of Bi-Annual For A Better World Magazine

New Issue Features Expertly Researched Consumer Reference Guide to Fair Trade Labels and an Infographic Analysis on the Chocolate Industry

PORTLAND, OR – fair trade advocacy group, Fair World Project, has published the 19th issue of For A Better World maazine. This Fall-Winter 2019 edition of the free bi-annual publication explores the theme of “fair trade” with articles and educational resources on how the benefits of implementing its principles can offset the lasting negative effects of systemic economic imbalances of global trade, especially as the climate crisis is escalating issues around exploitation of people and ecosystems.

“For me, ‘fair trade’ has always been shorthand for what I hope for in this world,” explains Dana Geffner, Executive Director of Fair World Project. “A vibrant, just economy that supports people and their communities. One where work is valued, not exploited. One where stewardship of our planet is the norm, not exploitation.”

This issue looks at fair trade as it appears on consumer-facing labels and in the big picture. A newly redesigned, user-friendly reference guide breaks down the differences between fair trade and fair labor labels. There is also an infographic that explains problems and solutions wrapped up in a chocolate bar. One of the featured pieces investigates the rampant coffee crisis and what the future holds for small-scale coffee farmers who have fallen victim to climate change and a volatile international market, and how fair trade supports their resiliency. This issue also includes stories about fair trade that connect the dots between NAFTA, multinational Big Food companies, and the migration crisis. Another article reflects on the Zapatista movement’s fight for indigenous autonomy and their 25 years of resistance against colonialism and neoliberalism in their communities.

For A Better World is 100% advertisement-free and is available in 1500 natural food stores, fair trade shops, and other locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. In addition to being free to consumers, the publication is also available in larger quantities to stores, offices, or schools who would like to distribute this free educational resource. To view the latest issue online, visit:


Fair World Project logoFair World Project (FWP) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect the use of the term “fair trade” in the marketplace, expand markets for authentic fair trade, educate consumers about key issues in trade and agriculture, advocate for policies leading to a just economy, and facilitate collaborative relationships to create true system change. For more information, visit:

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