Negotiators Finalize TPP, the Latest Unfair Trade Agreement

On October 5, 2015, negotiators announced they had finally reached agreements on sticking points and finalized the text of the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Widespread protests have yet to slow down this deal and it is time to rise up and say NO to unfair trade.

Both inside and out of Congress, a broad range of people have expressed concern about both the process (negotiated in secrecy with the help of corporate lobbyists as advisors) and context (leaked texts have raised serious concerns about the effect of the agreement on farmers, working families, public health, and the environment). None of these concerns have been addressed in a serious way, so there is no reason to believe the final text will benefit people. It is more likely to drive corporate profit for the largest multi-national corporations at the expense of farmers, small businesses, and the public.

Once officially introduced to Congress, they will have 90 days to review the text before voting yes or no. Because they have already ceded Fast Track authority, their only option is to vote Yes or No, not to debate or change individual provisions.

We have enough knowledge, through leaked texts, to know this agreement contains harmful provisions. We need to act now to ask Congress to vote No on TPP and insist on a fair trade deal instead.

To learn more about the diversity of stakeholders concerned about this trade deal, see these statements:

Senator and Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders calls the TPP as currently written a disaster.

Lori Wallach of Global Citizen’s Global Trade Watch breaks down the agreement, sources of opposition, and next steps.

Doctors Without Borders says biggest loser of this trade deal will be patients and providers in Global South.

Posted on: October 5th 2015

7 thoughts on “Negotiators Finalize TPP, the Latest Unfair Trade Agreement

  1. We as a nation, along with the twelve incest bread Germanic royal oligarchy tribes of Europe, have been plundering third world nation and peoples in the quest for fascist, imperialist, colonialist supremacy (sic) for far to long.

    The TTP, credit debt, 401K’s, etc. are just sinking Europe’s oligarchy fish hooks deeper into the American working class’s jaw with the outcome being indentured servitude even to the American working class while laboring at the new 980K sweat labor jobs the politicians are bragging about providing.

    Shame on you!

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