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How much do you know?
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Do you know what the minimum wage is for tipped workers? Do you know what the Trans Pacific Partnership is? Take our quiz and test your knowledge. You may learn something along the way! At the end of the quiz you’ll also find links to further reading and action pages.

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The Trafficking Persons Report Matters

Earlier this week, the US State Department issued its annual Trafficking In Persons Report. More than just a report, this is a tool used to pressure governments to address human rights abuses and slavery within their borders.

Malaysia, despite a poor track record on trafficking, including mass graves of migrants found earlier this year, was upgraded to Tier 2. A Tier 3 designation would have limited President Obama’s ability to negotiate the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which includes Malaysia. Therefore it is widely believed the upgrade had more to do with the President’s trade agenda than improvements in preventing trafficking.

Upgrading Malaysia now not only takes us one step closer to a disastrous new trade agreement, it could be a foreshadowing of the ways putting profits before people will accelerate if TPP is ultimately passed. The time to speak up is now!
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Take action to let your Representative know its time to put human rights before corporate profits.

Do You Know About Our Media Library?

We’ve just updated our Family Farms media library. Here you can find links to other organizations working on family farm issues like food sovereignty and the farm bill as well as books, articles, and videos to introduce you to some of the issues and challenges facing family famers. We also have media library sections for fair trade, sweat-free apparel, labor justice, and policy.


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