Hershey’s and Godiva: Two Time Losers

The upcoming elections are providing to be a crucial flashpoint for social and environmental issues. In California, a diverse group of organizations, farmers and businesses have banded together to place a right to know initiative on the California ballot, Proposition 37, to require labeling of genetically modified foods. After years of organizing at the federal level, advocates for sustainable farming and safe food have focused their efforts on key states in an effort to provide consumers with the information to choose foods free of genetically modified ingredients.

Hershey’s and Godiva both poor social track records . Hershey’s has been a perennial target for refusing  to take action to end child slave labor on cocoa farms in the Côte D’Ivoire. You can find more information about Hershey’s and their track record at Raise the Bar or their report card by Free2Work.Godiva received a “D-” ranking from Free2Work and is not certified by any 3rd party agency.

Now, both Hershey’s and Godiva are doubling down and opposing consumers’ right to know regarding genetically engineered foods. Hershey’s has contributed $498,006.72 and Godiva has contributed $11,121.53 to the No on 37 Campaign. You can see a full list of corporations supporting and opposing Proposition 37 here.

Visit the California Right to Know campaign page to learn more and support Proposition 37.

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