Our food system is both a cause of climate change and a potential tool for transformation.

Chemical fertilizers, fossil fuels, and vast swaths of monoculture crops all contribute to the greenhouse gas emissions that are changing the climate.

“Small-scale farmers can feed the world and cool the planet.”

Small-scale farmers and those who work the land are impacted as temperatures rise and cycles of drought and flood become more extreme. Yet, even as these challenges mount, small-scale farmers are growing solutions to feed the world and cool the planet.


When a Tree Isn't Just a Tree Infographic

When a Tree Isn’t Just a Tree

Tree planting projects have been popularized as a quick way to combat the climate crisis. But not all tree planting projects have an equal—or necessarily positive—impact.


Why Regenerative Agriculture? Issue 20 Center-fold

Why Regenerative Agriculture?

To truly regenerate our planet, we must address the many exploitations of the conventional agriculture system: not just the soil — but farmers, workers, animals, and water. Regenerative agriculture could hold the key.


the Cost of Industrial Agriculture Fact Sheet

The Cost of Industrial Agriculture Fact Sheet

A simple graphic that shows the high cost of Big Food: climate change, deadly pesticides, public health crises, and exploitation to name a few.

But there are steps you can take in your own community to change our food system.


Climate Solutions for All

Did you know that when you choose fair trade, you are supporting a grassroots climate solution?
This short video shows how fair trade partnerships are supporting regenerative agriculture.


Small-Scale Farmers Cool The Planet

Industrial agriculture is accelerating the pace of climate change. But there’s a solution: small-scale farmers are practicing regenerative, organic agriculture – and growing 70% of the world’s food.


Food, Farming & Climate Change Fact Sheet

Industrial agriculture is a major contributor to climate change. This short, visual resource lays out the problems – and the small-scale farmer solutions that we can all support right now!


Rebuild Kerala

Devastating floods fueled by climate change displaced coconut and cashew farmers in the Fair Trade Alliance Kerala Co-op (FTAK) in Kerala, India. In 2018, we teamed up with National Cooperative Grocers to raise $50,000 to support their rebuilding.