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Fyffes Workers - Honduras

Fyffes Farms Exposed: A New Report Chronicles Worker Struggles on Honduran Melon Plantations
Blog Post Date: 4/20/2020

Working unprotected with toxic chemicals, without the prospect of retirement or adequate healthcare, and with the ongoing threat of violence, death does not seem like an abstract possibility. Treated as expendable, they are trapped working for Fyffes, the main employer in the region, until they are too sick or injured to work anymore, or until they die.

Those conditions, plus the efforts of workers organizing to combat them, are detailed in a new report, Fyffes Farms Exposed: The Fight for Justice in the Honduran Melon Fields, released by Fair World Project, International Labor Rights Forum, and the International Union of Food Workers Latin America Regional Secretariat, with support from 3F International. The report calls on Fyffes to take responsibility to remedy injustices on their Honduran melon plantations and to commit to a legally-binding, enforceable agreement to uphold workers’ rights.

Read the Blog: fairworldproject.org/fyffes-farms-exposed-a-new-report-chronicles-worker-struggles-on-honduran-melon-plantations/

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