Fair World Project Statement on Puzder

A day before his scheduled hearing, Andrew Puzder withdrew his nomination for Secretary of Labor amid widespread opposition.

This news is a reminder that organizing and resisting does work. Upon Puzder’s nomination, dozens of organizations formed a coalition to oppose Puzder. Thousands of citizens called and wrote to the HELP committee and their own Senators expressing concern.

Dubbed the Anti-Labor Secretary, Puzder stood for maximizing corporate profits, not supporting working families. He opposes meaningfully increasing the federal minimum wage or policies such as sick leave. Instead he supports replacing jobs with robots through automation. Within his own company, violations of labor laws such as wage theft and sexual harassment were rampant. Based on his values and track record, Puzder was not qualified to head the Department of Labor. His withdrawal is good news for wage-earners throughout the country.

At Fair World Project we will closely monitor the nomination process, evaluate the merits of the next nominee, and continue to advocate for a Secretary of Labor who will fight for working families.

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  1. fast food!? seriously!??? exactly what we DON’T need in washington right now: someone feeding us more poison!!!!!!!!

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