Fair World Project (FWP), United Students for Fair Trade (USFT) Announce Formal Partnership

Fair World Project (FWP), United Students for Fair Trade (USFT) Announce Formal Partnership

United States Students for Fair Trade to Join Fair World Project as a Special Campaign to Catalyze University Students for Fair Trade and Social Justice

June 22, 2012, Portland Oregon: Today, the Fair World Project (FWP), Organic Consumers Association’s Fair Trade Program, announces a new partnership with United Students for Fair Trade (USFT) joining FWP to organize university students in support of fair trade and trade justice. USFT and FWP are joining forces to catalyze university students into a positive force for social change, both on college campuses and off.  FWP and USFT have collaborated over the course of the past year, promoting Alta Gracia clothing (living wage, union apparel) universities campaigns, as well as fair trade outreach and education efforts on college campuses. Looking forward, FWP and USFT will jointly advocate for small farmers, workers and artisans, as well as in favor of fair trade policies and economic justice.  

Over the course of the last year, the fair trade market has undergone a series of significant challenges and growing pains, creating divisions within the market and movement. The fair trade movement needs to develop tomorrow’s leaders today, and students provide a crucial energy and enthusiasm to make that happen. University students’ strong commitment to social justice will be imperative to the future progress of fair trade.

“Partnering with USFT and supporting student activism is fundamental to the advancement of a strong fair trade movement and the development of the next generation of fair trade activist. I am very excited to be partnering with USFT in an effort to take fair trade to the next level,” said Dana Geffner, FWP Executive Director.

“Students have played a critical role in the North American fair trade movement over the course of the last decade, advancing the cause of small` farmers, workers and artisans, while holding corporations accountable. Partnering with FWP will further USFT’s mission, bringing fair trade to more students and campuses,” said USFT National Coordinator, Maria Louzon.

About Fair World Project

Fair World Project (FWP) was launched by the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) OCA in 2010 to promote, watchdog and advance the fair trade market and movement. FWP’s work focuses on citizen engagement, political advocacy and monitoring the fair trade marketplace.

For more information, visit www.fairworldproject.org

About United Students for Fair Trade (USFT)

USFT is a collaboration of students and youth working in solidarity with cooperative communities to promote fair trade principles, products and policies. Consciousness raising, leadership development and capacity building stand at the core of our grassroots organizing. For more information, visit www.usft.org.


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