Fair World Project Condemns U.S. Withdrawal From Paris Agreement

Fair World Project joins the majority of the U.S. population in expressing our disappointment, sadness, and outrage that President Trump has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement.

Climate change is already having a real effect on real people every day, especially those already in vulnerable circumstances and marginalized communities. Small-scale farmers are feeling the economic impact of unpredictable harvests. Workers in fields and factories are suffering illness and death from heat stress due to rising temperatures. These impacts and others will continue to get worse in coming years and bold action and leadership is essential.

The Paris Agreement did not set goals aggressive enough and enforceable enough to prioritize people and planet over corporate profits. Yet it provided a baseline to work from and became a symbol of a global commitment to action.

Fair World Project applauds the efforts of local and state governments, universities, and businesses to commit directly to the United Nations to meet the U.S. targets for reduction of climate emissions, despite the shortcomings and shortsighted decision of a President who is not representing wishes of the country.

Fair World Project also pledges to continue in solidarity with communities around the world as we work to build a just economy that functions in harmony with the environment while providing dignified livelihoods for all.

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