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Devastating floods have displaced coconut and cashew farmers in the Fair Trade Alliance Kerala Co-op (FTAK) in Kerala, India. We are teaming up with National Cooperative Grocers, a cooperative community of retail food co-ops, to raise $50,000 to support their rebuilding.

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As you may have heard on the news this fall, devastating rains hit the southern region of Kerala, causing mudslides and the worst flooding seen in a century. Over 400 people were killed and 800,000 were displaced—a sad example of how those who can least afford it are most impacted by climate change.

While no lives were lost in the Fair Trade Alliance Kerala communities, there was substantial losses as hillside homes and cropland were buried in mudslides. The farmers are preparing to rebuild, yet with so much destruction to roads, electrical and water infrastructure, the road ahead is full of challenges. FTAK intends to advance farmers money on the crops that would have been harvested this winter, but members need more assistance to get back on their feet, reclaim farms, and replant.

Fair Trade Alliance Kerala members have a long track record of farming in harmony with nature. Studies show that the biodiverse agroforestry systems that these fair trade farmers tend are some of our best hopes to mitigate and reverse climate change for our planet.

Now it’s time for us to support these farmers.

Give today to help them replant and rebuild.  

Kerala Farmers - help replant and rebuild after flood disaster

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