Discovery Organics: Taking Fair Trade Further

Annie Moss Dec 2010 accepting Fair Trade Vancouver award

Discovery Organics, a British Colombia based organic and fair trade distributors has a unique commitment to fair trade. While there are several examples of 100% fair trade coffee roasters and mission driven companies that have made comprehensive pledge to fair trade, very few distributors and wholesalers undergone the investment and commitment to fair trade, like Discovery Organics.

Discovery Organic’s Trish Kelly had this to say about fair trade, “Fair Trade is an easy extension of the Discovery Organics buying philosophy; we believe in supporting small scale farmers, endeavoring to help them build a market for their crops, and make enough money to cover the cost of production plus a fair profit on the crops we buy. Those are the same goals we have for our relationships with growers here at home, as well as abroad.” In fact, Discovery Organics was named Fair Trade Vancouver Distributor of the Year for 2010.

Discovery Organics is both a Transfair Canada licensee and a Fair for Life brandholder, with the following certified products:

Check out Discovery Organic’s website here.

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