Newsletter 136: Demand a better response!

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Demand a better response!
(April 16th, 2015)

$1.6 billion to shareholders, $793 million to farmers!

Thank you for taking action to tell Starbucks to take a stand against Fast Track and to stand up for small-scale farmers and working families.

Starbucks has been responding to consumers with a standard email response about their commitment to ethical sourcing including Starbucks’ own C.A.F.E. standards and fair trade. However, Starbucks does not address their support of Fast Track or unfair “free” trade policies that could harm the very farmers they are attempting to support through ethical sourcing. Please consider responding to their email and pushing them for a real answer. Below is the email I personally sent in response to give you an idea of what you could say. But do speak from your own experience and passion!

The response from Starbucks may also suggest you to submit your ideas to, Starbucks’ online forum. I would also encourage you to do this, as it is a public discussion forum and more open discussion and debate about trade policy is exactly what we need!

Here is my letter to Starbucks:

Dear Edward,Thank you for taking the time to answer me. Unfortunately, your response does not answer my question or speak to my concern.

I am specifically concerned about international trade policies that Starbucks is supporting. “Free trade” agreements like the TPP and TTIP/TAFTA will economically devastate farmers and farmworkers if passed as currently written. Just last month thousands in farmworkers in Mexico went on strike due to poor working conditions and inadequate pay. NAFTA forced millions of farmers in Mexico off their land, while U.S. production of fruits and vegetables moved to Mexico where workers could be paid less. It is no wonder we are in this situation now and there will be more to come affecting all agricultural sectors, including coffee, if we continue on this trajectory.

That is why it is important for companies like Starbucks that believe in working with farmers on fair trade terms take the additional step of advocating for fair trade policies to promote the interests of farmers and workers as well.

Will Starbucks take a stand and say no to Fast Track?

Thank you,


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