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An Honest Look at Honest Tea Labels
North American Unity Statement Opposing NAFTA Expansion Through the Transpacific Partnership (TPP)
It’s Not Too Late: Order “For a Better World” Publication
Help Dr. Bronner’s Support communities in Eastern Ghana!
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An Honest Look at Honest Tea Labels

Some of you may already be boycotting companies like Honest Tea whose parent companies donated money to defeat Proposition 37, the GMO labeling initiative in California. In the case of Honest Tea, Coca-Cola, which fully owns Honest Tea, donated $1.7 million dollars while Honest Tea stood mutely by. Critics point to this as evidence that Coke has bought up Honest Tea as a form of “greenwashing” and a way to gain market share among more ethical consumers without facilitating real change in the marketplace.

But what about Honest Tea itself, it supports fair trade right? If a subsidiary company is truly a transparent and ethical player in the marketplace, we might be able to forgive a few sins of the parent company. But in this, the second in a series on unpacking labels, we reveal a few “fairwashing” problems specific to Honest Tea.

Read more about Honest Tea’s “fairwashing” problems…

North American Unity Statement Opposing NAFTA Expansion Through the Transpacific Partnership (TPP)
“It’s impossible to overstate how devastating NAFTA has been to working people and family farmers over the past twenty years,” said Manuel Perez Rocha, of the Mexican Action Network on Free Trade and associate fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C. “Leaked documents suggest the TPP would actually go beyond NAFTA in the powers it hands to transnational corporations. Thankfully, a transnational movement is rising to stop it and our tri-national network is a part of it.”

Because of the threat TPP poses, organizers from the US, Mexico, and Canada unveiled a unity statement with the goal of 1,000 organizations signing on by March 2013. The statement reads in part, “The world cannot afford this NAFTA expansion package. Instead, we need policies that help build a more just and sustainable global economy, including those that respect and promote fundamental labor rights, including equal rights for migrant workers; the creation of high-wage, high-benefit jobs; environmental protection; food sovereignty; financial market stability; food and product safety; access to quality healthcare; and local democracy.”

Interested groups can read the full statement and sign on here…

Help Dr. Bronner’s Support Fair Trade Producing Communities in Eastern Ghana!

Dr Bronner's Prevent Malaria in GhanaDr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps has been running a campaign on Indiegogo.com to provide 5,000 bednets to families to prevent the spread of malaria in the Asuom region of Ghana where the certified organic and fair trade palm oil used in their bar soaps is produced by their sister company Serendipalm. The campaign is offering the opportunity for supporters to buy one bednet for a family in need with every $10 they donate. In return Dr. Bronner’s is offering a special commemorative label soap that reads “thank you for providing a mosquito net for a family in need.” Although the campaign runs until Dec. 21, the goal to raise $25,000 was met with 19 days to spare in the campaign! Dr. Bronner’s is matching each dollar raised, meaning $50,000 total will be designated to providing bednets in and around Asuom. They are continuing to raise money in order to try to meet the next goal of raising seed money for a project to build a maternity ward at the local health center in Asuom. This will increase capacity and enable the health center to provide better pre-natal care and other women’s health services.

Dr Bronner's Prevent Malaria In Ghana Soap BarOn top of all this, Dr. Bronner’s is a promoting the campaign through an animated video that tells the story of their palm oil project and the difference that fair trade makes. Fair World Project is proud to support this campaign.

Check it out now and get some exclusive fair trade products from Dr. Bronner’s in exchange for your donation…


It’s Not Too Late To Order the Latest Issue of Our Publication “For a Better World”

For a Better World - Fall Publication 2012Our fifth issue of For a Better World features articles on the metamorphosis of fair trade, perspectives on fair trade co-operatives, sustainable palm oil, lessons learned from the organic movement and more. It’s not too late to order a box to put out in your store, cafe, or business. It’s a great way to educate consumers about the issues of fair trade and show your support of the movement.  Preview the issue and order a box or two now.

The next issue of For A Better World, Issue 6, will arrive in March 2013.


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