World Fair Trade Day is a global celebration held each year on the second Saturday of May. It’s an opportunity to envision a world where trade helps support small-scale farmers, producers, and their families, cultivating healthy and sustainable communities around the world.


The last two years have seen a global pandemic, as well as international events that touch on trade justice and a fair food system. Just as the harms of the industrial food & farming system cross borders, so too must our own solidarity and strategy.

To mark World Fair Trade Day 2022, we hosted a conversation with leaders working to build more fair food & trade systems. You can connect with their work and organizations below:

Art of Citizenry
Brazilian Landless Workers’ Movement
California Trade Justice Coalition
Food Chain Workers Alliance


Want to learn more about the fair trade movement, what it looks like in action, and how it relates to you? Check out our research and resources here on our website. Below you’ll find several resources we recommend starting with:

  • For a Better World podcast: our podcast series is all about fair trade and the farmer and worker-led movements that are fighting for equitable food and farming systems. In every episode, we take you around the world to hear from farmers, workers, and activists involved along the supply chains of everyday items – from chocolate bars to Greek yogurt.
  • Mission-driven brands list: Truly fair trade is more than just a label on a package. We’ve compiled a list of companies who are committed to fair trade throughout all their products and all their practices.
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