Celebrate World Fair Trade Day

World Fair Trade Day, is a global celebration on the second Saturday of May. The purpose: to showcase the small-scale producers at the heart of the fair trade movement and the contributions they make to healthy and sustainable communities around the world.

When you choose authentic fair trade goods, your purchase casts a vote for small-scale farmers, producers, and artisans around the world.

Fair for Farmers – and the Soil

Fair trade is a movement that empowers farmers to organize and earn a livelihood within the highly competitive global marketplace. Through organizing, they tend to what matters most—their family, communities, and the environment. Through organic and regenerative farming practices, small-scale farmers are able to feed 80% of the world’s people on just a fraction of the land.

Dedicated fair trade brands, such as those taking part in our World Fair Trade Day campaign, partner with these producers on organic development, training, and restoration projects to build a supply chain that is more fair and helps to sustain the planet.

Small-scale farmers using regenerative agriculture practices have been shown to help reverse the trends of climate change. That’s why supporting farmer organizations & the companies who partner with them is more important than ever!

Photo credit: Guayakí Yerba Mate

Get Involved

Over 1,500 stores around the U.S. will feature World Fair Trade Day celebrations this May.

Learn more about brands committed to the principles of fair trade – for World Fair Trade Day and every day in our guide to Mission-Driven Brands