The Fight for Justice on the Honduran Melon Fields

The report Fyffes Farms Exposed: The Fight for Justice on the Honduran Melon Fields reveals long-term, ongoing human and workers’ rights violations on Fyffes melon farms. Through a series of first-hand interviews and documentation, the report chronicles toxic chemical exposure and wage theft by Fyffes subsidiaries, as well as their violent union-busting campaign once workers organized. The report also details the response of supermarkets, fair trade certifiers, ethical labels, and international governmental organizations to Fyffes workers’ rights violations.

It is high time Fyffes takes responsibility to remedy injustices on their plantations and commits to a legally-binding, enforceable agreement to uphold workers’ rights. That is the conclusion of the report, co-authored by the International Labor Rights Forum, Fair World Project, the International Union of Food Workers Latin America Regional Secretariat, with support from 3F International.

Fyffes Farms Exposed- Report Cover

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