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New Report, Old Problems: Time to Pay Cocoa Workers Fairly and Find Real Solutions for Tea Workers

Soubor:Tea Plantation Workers Sri Lanka

A new report entitled The Global Business of Forced Labor finds serious issues of forced labor, poor labor conditions, and poverty wages in the tea and cocoa sectors. Focusing on tea plantations in India and cocoa smallholder farms in Ghana, the author clearly calls out that “forced labor emerges as a business strategy for producers […]

Join the Movement to Transform Trade


World Fair Trade Day is almost here. It’s a time the global movement celebrates the hard work of small-scale farmers and artisans around the globe and their partners in building more just, fair supply chains. This year, our 7th annual retailer campaign connects the dots between small-scale farmers’ regenerative, organic farming practices and the ways […]

Chocolate Is Profitable, Just Not for Farmers

Chocolate is big business. The U.S. spends more than $16 billion on chocolate each year (around $50/per person on average). But not enough of that money is reaching farmers. A recent survey by Fairtrade International found that the average household income of cocoa farmers in West Africa is $2707/year, which is only about a third […]

Who Made My Clothes?

It has been five years since the factory collapse at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh killed over 1,000 people. This tragic accident raised awareness of the risks apparel workers take to make our clothes, but unfortunately it did not end the exploitation in these supply chains. Daily, apparel workers continue to face a barrage of tragedy […]

Join the Fight for a Fair Farm Bill

Photo of small family farm - grassy fields and barn

The Farm Bill is a huge piece of legislation that guides close to $100 billion in spending each year. It is renegotiated approximately every five years and this year is the year. Approximately 80% of the farm bill goes towards nutrition programs such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  The other 20% goes to farm […]

Valentine’s Day is almost here and we need to talk!

Valentine’s Day is almost here and if you’re one of the 70% of people in the U.S. who expresses your feelings with chocolate and flowers, we need to talk. That heart-shaped box of chocolates and dozen roses are the end products of supply chains that are anything but loving to farmers, their workers, and the […]

FWP Condemns Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric; Calls for Support of Vulnerable Immigrant Populations


Fair World Project joins the rest of the world in condemning Donald Trump’s recent comments on immigrants. His language is dismissive and disrespectful of immigrants who choose to come to the U.S. from countries such as El Salvador, Haiti, and the many countries of Africa as well as to citizens of those countries who choose […]

Fair World Project Looks Ahead to 2018

Farmer Hoeing by hand

Many people joined in the movement for fair food and farming systems in 2017. Thousands made a phone call, sent an email, shared a story, chose to support fair trade producers with purchases, or all of the above and more. Together, we are making change. and we are bringing this momentum full force into 2018. […]

Food Workers Resist!

Here in the U.S., food is on our minds as many prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. We’re proud to be part of a coalition that has declared the week of November 19-25 International Food Workers Week, a time to reflect on and appreciate the many hands and hard work that make our meals possible. […]

Rebuilding from the Grassroots: Join Us in Solidarity with Strong Resilient Communities

Irma Relief - Credit: Coalition of Immokalee Workers

The past few weeks and months have seen disaster upon disaster strike communities. From earthquakes shaking Mexico City and Chiapas to hurricanes hitting the Southern U.S. and Caribbean, to fires in the western states—and that’s just in North America. In the midst of widespread destruction and tragedy, communities have been rallying to support each other […]