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The Challenges of Certification for Fair Trade Crafts

By Tony Hall, Fair Trade Consultant   Introduction There is increasing consumer demand for products in mainstream stores and supermarkets that are produced without exploiting workers, children and the environment. This is consistent with the principles of fair trade (FT), and is essentially a requirement to know about the supply chain from field or workshop […]

Chocolate: the Bitter and the Sweet

International Labor Rights Fund

By Kai HuschkeMarch 1, 2011   Cocoa beans – the central character of the long story of chocolate – are actually not beans at all but seeds of the cocoa fruit. Cocoa trees grow in equatorial regions of the Caribbean, West Africa, Southeast Asia and Central and South America.  They typically produce two harvests per […]

Certifying for Ethics:

Leading Fair Trade Certifiers Break Down their Standards Introduced and Interviewed by Sue Kastensen    When we purchase certified products, we expect them to meet a standard we both desire and understand. We want the label to be meaningful.   The process of certifying a product first involves multi-stakeholder input to set standards that clearly […]

Fair Trade Sprouting Hope in Palestine

By Vivien SansourAug 23, 2010   There is nothing better than a cup of black tea brewed with Palestinian wild sage for an afternoon break! Sipping tea with Abu Saleh under the shade of his olive tree, one can understand in a deep way what it means to be a fair trade farmer and the […]