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Chocolate: the Bitter and the Sweet

International Labor Rights Fund

By Kai HuschkeMarch 1, 2011   Cocoa beans – the central character of the long story of chocolate – are actually not beans at all but seeds of the cocoa fruit. Cocoa trees grow in equatorial regions of the Caribbean, West Africa, Southeast Asia and Central and South America.  They typically produce two harvests per […]

Certifying for Ethics:

Leading Fair Trade Certifiers Break Down their Standards Introduced and Interviewed by Sue Kastensen    When we purchase certified products, we expect them to meet a standard we both desire and understand. We want the label to be meaningful.   The process of certifying a product first involves multi-stakeholder input to set standards that clearly […]

Supermarkets, Tomatoes and Farmworker Justice

Photo Credit: Scott Robertson

By Sean SellersMarch 1, 2011   Last November, the previously unthinkable happened – farmworkers and representatives of the $620 million Florida tomato industry announced an end to their decade-long labor conflict with a symbolic handshake and signed accord. The landmark agreement between the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), an internationally recognized workers’ organization based in […]

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day with Dedicated Fair Trade Brands

A Fair World Project Initiative   An initiative of the World Fair Trade Organization (www.wfto.com), World Fair Trade Day (WFTD) is an annual global celebration occurring each May. Celebrations bring consumers and businesses, nonprofit organizations, churches, student groups, and advocates together to host thousands of events worldwide. Here in the U.S., the Fair Trade Resource […]

Fair Trade Sprouting Hope in Palestine

By Vivien SansourAug 23, 2010   There is nothing better than a cup of black tea brewed with Palestinian wild sage for an afternoon break! Sipping tea with Abu Saleh under the shade of his olive tree, one can understand in a deep way what it means to be a fair trade farmer and the […]

To Tell the Truth: Who Owns Fair Trade

Photo Credit: Scott Robertson

By Phyllis Robinson, Education and Campaign Manager, Equal ExchangeMarch 1, 2011   When TransFair USA announced last fall that it was changing its name to Fair Trade USA, an immediate and on-going tsunami of outrage and indignation burst through the Fair Trade community. Alternative Trade Organizations, 100% Fair Trade roasters, student, religious, and consumer activists, […]

Fair Trade in the North

Domestic Fair Trade enters the market By Sue Kastensen   I love to eat fresh organic strawberries. In the summer I buy them from local family-farm producers here in rural Wisconsin, but in the winter I must source them from afar, which is when my decision to eat strawberries gets tough.  I understand that the […]

The Many Faces of Fair Trade

By Jocelyn Boreta, Fair Trade Retail Program Director, Global ExchangeMarch 1, 2011   In the movement to distinguish fair trade crafts from mass manufactured global goods we strive to know the faces of production. The weathered faces of women weaving in the highlands; families gathered together around workshop tables carrying on a traditional art; teams […]

FWP s Statement on Fair Trade USA s Resignation from Fairtrade International (FLO)

By Ryan Zinn   Fair trade is a social movement and market model that aims to empower small-scale farmers and their communities in underdeveloped countries to create an alternative trading system that supports equitable trading, sustainable development and long-term trading relationships. Fair trade supports fair prices and wages for producers, safe working conditions, investment in […]

Creating Sustainable Livelihoods in the Indian Himalayas

By Rashmi BhartiAug 23, 2010   Avani is a voluntary organization that has been working in the Kumaon region of the Indian Himalayas for the past thirteen years. Avani began its journey as the Kumaon chapter of the Barefoot College, Tilonia, Rajasthan in 1997 and was registered as Avani in 1999. The work of Avani […]