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Quinoa: Alter Eco s Story

By Mathieu Senard and Edouard Rollet   More than ten years ago, a group of friends banded together with a shared passion for economic and social justice in developing areas of the world, who were also passionate about food. Out of this shared interest, Alter Eco took shape. How could we translate a passion for […]

FAIR TRADE The Long Journey That Informs the Current Reality

By Jonathan Rosenthal, Just Works Consulting Twenty-five years ago, Rink Dickinson, Michael Rozyne and I founded Equal Exchange, an idealistic company that aimed to revitalize the food experience for US eaters. We envisioned a company that would help birth a movement and enable people to know where their food came from, who grew it and […]

Our Co-op s Journey to Domestic Fair Trade Certification

By Jason Freeman, General Manager, Farmer Direct Co-operative Ltd. http://www.farmerdirect.coopAug 23, 2010   About seven years ago, our co-op was confronted with the reality that organic grains were becoming commodified. Cheap organic imports were undercutting domestic relationships built over many years. Rumors abounded of organic fraud relating to these imports, but investigation and enforcement during […]

Voices from the Field:

Breaking New Ground with Organic Fair Trade Alcohol in Ecuador Ryan Zinn, Fair World Project Campaign Director, interviewed CADO President Cecilia Arcos and Internal Control System team member, Luis “Fredy” Avalos.   Deep in the foothills of the Ecuadorian Andes, small-scale family farmers are growing sugar cane on steep hills.  CADO, or the Sweet Organic […]

Challenges of Certification for Fair Trade Crafts: Part 2

Introduced and Interviewed by Dana Geffner   In our last issue, For A Better World featured an article entitled Challenges of Certification for Fair Trade Crafts – Part 1, written by Tony Hall.  Today we continue our exploration of why the different craft stakeholders—including producers and artisan groups, wholesalers in the US, and small and […]

African Self-Empowerment Through Fair Trade Shea Butter

By Olowo-n’djo Tchala, Founder, Alaffia Sustainable Skin Care http://www.alaffia.com March 1, 2011   For the past 500 years trade with the continent of Africa has been unbalanced and in conjunction with rampant corruption and lack of democratic control, has led to the paralysis of economies across Africa.  As a result  Africa, with some of the richest […]

Fair Trade Sprouting Hope in Palestine

By Vivien SansourAug 23, 2010   There is nothing better than a cup of black tea brewed with Palestinian wild sage for an afternoon break! Sipping tea with Abu Saleh under the shade of his olive tree, one can understand in a deep way what it means to be a fair trade farmer and the […]