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The Many Faces of Fair Trade

By Jocelyn Boreta, Fair Trade Retail Program Director, Global ExchangeMarch 1, 2011   In the movement to distinguish fair trade crafts from mass manufactured global goods we strive to know the faces of production. The weathered faces of women weaving in the highlands; families gathered together around workshop tables carrying on a traditional art; teams […]

FWP s Statement on Fair Trade USA s Resignation from Fairtrade International (FLO)

By Ryan Zinn   Fair trade is a social movement and market model that aims to empower small-scale farmers and their communities in underdeveloped countries to create an alternative trading system that supports equitable trading, sustainable development and long-term trading relationships. Fair trade supports fair prices and wages for producers, safe working conditions, investment in […]

Creating Sustainable Livelihoods in the Indian Himalayas

By Rashmi BhartiAug 23, 2010   Avani is a voluntary organization that has been working in the Kumaon region of the Indian Himalayas for the past thirteen years. Avani began its journey as the Kumaon chapter of the Barefoot College, Tilonia, Rajasthan in 1997 and was registered as Avani in 1999. The work of Avani […]

Fair Trade vs. Conventional Free Trade: An Introduction

By Ryan Zinn, Campaign Director, Fair World ProjectMarch 1, 2011   Humans have traded with one another since the beginning of civilization. Trade gives us access to new foods, products and experiences, and creates economic opportunity and markets. Trade touches us all and has created incredible wealth for some; yet many remain impoverished and disenfranchised. […]

Maya Vinic: Moving from Tragedy to Triumph

By Monika Firl, Cooperative Coffees, Producer Relations Manager                   Photo Credit: Monika Firl If you have ever been to the headquarters of the coffee producers’ cooperative Maya Vinic in Acteal, Chiapas – you understand the powerful, positive impact genuine fair trade relationships can have on the lives […]

Going Fair Trade

The Challenges of Setting Up Sustainable and Fair Supply Chains – and Getting Them Certified By David Bronner, President, Dr. Bronner’s Magic SoapsAug 23, 2010   Being responsible to the people we work with has always been a pillar of Dr. Bronner’s business philosophy. In 2002, we decided to expand that philosophy to our supply […]

Swanton Berry Farm Promotes Labor Rights and Fair Trade

By Sandy BrownMarch 1, 2011   After years of pioneering organic production methods for strawberries, Swanton Berry Farm founder Jim Cochran turned his attention to the farm labor question, becoming the first organic grower in the country to sign a contract with the United Farm Workers union in 1998. In doing so, Cochran led the […]

Visualizing Fair Trade Coffee

By Daniel Jaffee and Phil Howard   The fair trade certification world has entered a period of major change.  The recent departure of Fair Trade USA from the international certification system led by Fair Trade International (formerly FLO), and its decision to develop separate U.S. standards that permit certification of plantation-produced coffee, cocoa, and other […]

Reviving Social Justice in Sustainable and Organic Agriculture

By Elizabeth Henderson Northeast Organic Farming Association Representative on the Agricultural Justice Project Steering CommitteeAug 23, 2010   If you can remember back to the early days of organic agriculture in the 1970s, you may recall its history as a movement with a holistic approach to land and livelihood. The farmers who were attracted to […]

INEZA: A Family of Hope

By Susan Moinester   Turn off one of the bustling streets in Kigali, Rwanda and onto a rut-filled dirt alleyway, follow the buzz of sewing machines augmented by the sounds of laughter, singing and an occasional disagreement, and you will reach the entrance to the INEZA Sewing Cooperative. There, tucked away behind a metal gate, […]