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Craft Politics: Telling Important Stories through Handicrafts

craft politics

Contributing Writer Dana Geffner I visited communities in the most impoverished areas in the world, sat in people’s living rooms and lugged boxes for nearly a decade to learn and tell the stories of the people that made fair trade handicrafts.  I believed a high quality handicraft could tell the story of not only who […]

Climate Change: Coffee Farmers Feel the Heat

fwp coffee

Contributing Writer Harriet Lamb Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in The Huffington Post UK on June 10, 2015. Just a stone’s throw from my own office at Fairtrade International, negotiators at this week’s United Nations (UN) climate change talks in Bonn are working around the clock to hammer out a deal for the […]

Tipped Workers Win One Fair Wage in Los Angeles

tipped workers

Contributing Writer Kathy Hoang In a city with one of the most unaffordable rents and a higher poverty rate than any other metropolitan area in the U.S., raising Los Angeles’ minimum wage to $15.00 per hour by 2020 is an historic victory that will uplift almost one million Angelinos who are currently living in poverty. […]

POLICY CORNER: National Landscape on the Minimum Wage

minimum wage map

Contributing Writer Yanet Lathrop These are exciting times for those of us working to increase the earnings of low-wage workers. Strong public support for higher wages, building on local and state initiatives and victories – and even a new federal bill – all point to the incredible momentum that the minimum wage is currently enjoying. […]

Farmworkers and the History of U.S. Labor Law


Contributing Writer Ryan Zinn At the height of the Great Depression, workers in the United States organized and created huge momentum to obtain historic “New Deal” laws, including the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Both laws made significant improvements to legal protections for many U.S. workers, including the […]

The Sweet Revolution

sweet revolution

Contributing Writer Andres Gonzalez Aguilera In 1975, in the Republic of Paraguay, the Cooperativa Manduvira Ltda., a credit union with thirty-nine partners, was founded for the purpose of facilitating access to credit for small producers and teachers. After overcoming a few financial difficulties, in 1990 it changed its bylaws to become Cooperativa de Producción Agroindustrial, […]

DEBATE: Should the Fair Trade Model Accommodate Hired Labor on Large-scale Farms

Introduction by Fair World Project with opinions from Rob Everts, Rosa Guamán and Tim Beaty The fair trade movement was born from small-scale organized producers working in solidarity with Global North consumers, activists and alternative trading organizations, together pursuing the goal of creating a fair and transformational trading system. Small-scale producers are a core part […]

Certification: A Tool with Limits

certification infographic

Contributing Writer Kerstin Lindgren Certification labels for consumer products are a tool that serve, on the surface, a simple purpose: to distinguish products that otherwise appear similar from one another. A conventional apple and an organic apple may taste and look identical, but a consumer may wish to choose the organic apple based on the […]

Food, Farming and Climate Change: It’s Bigger than Everything Else

For a Better World

Contributing Writer Ryan Zinn Record-breaking heat waves, long-term drought, “100-year floods” in consecutive years, and increasingly extreme superstorms are becoming the new normal. The planet is now facing an unprecedented era of accelerating and intensifying global climate change, with negative impacts already being widely felt. While global climate change will impact nearly everyone and everything, […]

Seed Freedom and Food Democracy

seed freedom

An Open Letter By Dr. Vandana Shiva What follows is an excerpt from a longer open letter by Dr. Vandana Shiva to heads of state in both India and the U.S. outlining her case for seed sovereignty. The letter was written on the eve of a proposed agreement between the two countries that would threaten […]