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Please complete our Retailer Program application form below and "Submit" to confirm your participation or download a pdf version of the form here. All fields listed in bold are required.

We will ship participating U.S. retailers ONE campaign kit, including End Cap Signage, Shelf Talkers, 2 T-shirts (while supplies last), stickers or buttons, For A Better World publication and campaign literature, to the address you provided here.

All participating retailers will have access to the World Fair Trade Day Online Toolkit.

If your store could benefit from more than one kit, please email us at

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WFTD t-shirts (available for U.S. retail participants only)

The very talented and famous political artist Favianna Rodriguez will be creating the artwork for this years WFTD t-shirts. The art will be on climate change and will have a feeling of hope that small-scale farmers can cool the planet.  There will be a limited number of these t-shirts and we are offering them to retailers ahead of time so if you are interested in additional t-shirts for your staff please order more now.

Interested in additional WFTD t-shirts for your staff (campaign kits include 2 complimentary shirts, while supplies last)? 

Pre-order bundles of 4:

4 Women's Shirts (S, M, L, XL) @ $16.00 each = $64.00 total

(select the # of women’s 4-packs you’d like to order)

4 Men's Shirts (S, M, L, XL) @ $16.00 each = $64,00 total

(select the # of men’s 4-packs you’d like to order)

Last day to pre-order shirts: March 15
Payment due: March 25

An $8.00 shipping fee will be included on your invoice* for the first 4-pack. A $2.00 shipping fee will be included for each additional 4-pack. 

*Fair World Project will send you an invoice for your additional t-shirts to the email listed on this registration form.  Payment will be due prior to shipping the t-shirts.  T-shirts will be sent along with the retailer kit and your 2 free t-shirts in April

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