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‘Fair Trade’ in Fashion

Author: Wall Street Journal  April 24, 2011   Many consumers will opt for “Fair Trade” coffee over the alternatives—even if the price rises significantly, a study finds. The “fair trade” movement seeks to improve conditions for farmers and other producers in developing countries. The study took place in 26 stores of an unnamed upscale chain. […]

WFTO response to Fair Trade USA-FLO split


Author: WFTO October 10, 2011   The recent decision by Fair Trade USA (formerly Transfair USA) to withdraw from the Fairtrade Labelling Organization (FLO), and to extend the scope of Fair Trade to include plantations and factories, has long-term and far-reaching consequences for the Fair Trade movement. The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), as a […]

Root Capital Makes Money By Investing Where Wall Street Won’t: Poor, Rural Farmers

Author: Michael J. Coren July 21, 2011   Investing in sectors that most business people find too risky, this firm is finding that the returns from helping small businesses in the developing world can be more than simply charity. Small money, big change. That, in essence, is what William Foote was banking on when he […]

N. America Fair Trade Stakeholder Council Forms to Clarify Direction of Fair Trade

Author: Fair World ProjectJanuary 1, 2012   With Fair Trade experiencing monumental change in the past few months, some committed stakeholders in North America started a dialogue initiative in December 2011 to clarify the direction for the Fair Trade movement in North America with the goal of upholding its benefits for marginalized producers around the […]

Fair Trade USA

October 19, 2011   Paul Rice, President and CEO Fair Trade USA 1500 Broadway, Suite 400 Oakland, CA 94612   Dear Paul:   I am writing on behalf of the Fair World Project (“FWP”), a project of the Organic Consumers Association which, as you know, is the nation’s largest network of green and ethical consumers.  […]