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Fair Trade USA Splits from FLO: Joint Announcement from Fairtrade International and Fair Trade USA

By FLO/Fair Trade USASeptember 15, 2011   Fairtrade International (FLO) and Fair Trade USA (FTUSA) share a belief in the importance of empowering producers and workers around the world to improve their lives through better terms of trade. However, as we look to the future, we recognize that we have different perspectives on how best […]

A Union Co-op Model & Cincinnati Food Hub

Author: United Food and Commercial Workers June 27, 2012     A Union Co-op Model Rob Witherell, August 2010 Rob is part of the USW Organizing Department   Organizational Structure   The core organizational principle is “one worker, one vote”.   Similar to the Mondragon model, workers in a primary co-operative would have an Annual […]

Launches on ethical platform have almost doubled since 2008

Author: Elaine Watson June 10, 2011   The percentage of new foods and drinks launched with an ‘ethical positioning’ has almost doubled since 2008, despite the premium price tag often attached to these products, according to Innova Market Insights. New products with an ethical positioning grew from 3.7 percent of new launches in the US […]

Fair World Project Tour

    Worker Empowerment & Trade Justice in the Dominican Republic January 2nd – 10th   Worker Empowerment & Trade Justice in the Dominican RepublicJanuary 2nd – 10th Join the Fair World Project (FWP) to explore the emerging world of workers’ rights, union-made living-wage apparel and trade justice in the Dominican Republic. FWP’s Dominican Republic tour […]

Fair Trade USA

October 19, 2011   Paul Rice, President and CEO Fair Trade USA 1500 Broadway, Suite 400 Oakland, CA 94612   Dear Paul:   I am writing on behalf of the Fair World Project (“FWP”), a project of the Organic Consumers Association which, as you know, is the nation’s largest network of green and ethical consumers.  […]