Fair Trade
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  • The Struggle for Food Justice in Fair Trade (PDF)
    Christopher M. Bacon, Kaelin Holland and Eric S. George 2011
    A four-page overview of the origins of the fair trade movement and the current tensions of mainstreaming fair trade. Provides a brief critique of Fair Trade USA’s decision to break off from Fair trade International, an international standard setter.
  • Javatrekker, Dispatches from the World of Fair Trade Coffee
    Dean Cycon 2007
    Cycon, owner and founder of Dean’s Beans coffee, takes the reader on a journey across the world’s vast coffee producing regions and their tribulations. His tales are an entertaining and enlightening firsthand account of the relationships he has created as a coffee buyer. 
  • Brewing Justice, Fair trade coffee, sustainability, and survival.)
    Daniel Jaffee 2007
    Jaffee provides an extensive academic analysis of the fair trade model and its’ varying impact on coffee farmers. His lengthy time spent conducting his research in Mexico’s rural coffee communities is evident in his thorough and comprehensive recount. 
  • Fair Trade Coffee: The Prospects and Pitfalls of Market-Driven Social Justice
    Gavin Fridell 2007
    Fridell provides a valuable critique of the fair trade movements and highlights its structural limitations. Alongside his analysis of varying economic theories of development, he argues it is impossible to accomplish widespread change in the larger global economy solely through alternative trade operating within an inherently unjust economy.
  • Grounds for Agreement: The political Economy of the Coffee Commodity Chain
    John Talbot 2004
    Talbot’s relatively early analysis of the power relations of the coffee chain and the burgeoning fair trade movement is often cited in more modern analyses. His historical analysis is thorough and provides readers with a contextualized perspective of the current plight most coffee farmers.
  • Fair Trade and Social Justice: Global Ethnographies
    JSarah Lyon, Mark Moberg
    Case studies in fair trade.
  • Free Trade vs. Fair Trade
    6.25 minutes, 2014
    Wouldn’t it be great if public policies benefited the public, so everyone could prosper, and so-called “free trade agreements” valued our precious resources rather than exploiting people and the planet? As consumers, we have the power to vote with our dollars, as well as to engage in local and federal policy reform in order to help change and transform our global economy to protect our people and planet. 
  • Connected by Coffee Trailer
    Connected By Coffee is an inspiring and thought-provoking documentary about the lives and history of the people who grow the coffee we drink. 
  • After the Harvest: Fighting Hunger in the Coffeelands
    20 minutes, 2010
    This film focuses on the hardships some coffee farmers face in Central America during “los meses flacos” or “the thin months”, the months between harvests when struggling coffee farmers must ration their food. The film also examines a few innovative pilot projects that improve food security for these communities. 
  • 1.5 minutes
    2 minutes, 2007
    Witty and entertaining short video by FLO that shows individuals insisting on fairness during transparent face-to-face transactions.