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Sonny Perdue Nominated for Secretary of Agriculture: What Does It Mean?

Sonny Perdue

Donald Trump waited until two days before his inauguration to nominate a Secretary of Agriculture, ending weeks of speculation, and leaving very little time for the nominee to prepare to head the department that oversees our food supply and a $155 billion dollar budget. This delay indicates that Trump does not place high value on […]

We All Have a Role

A Victory For Our Children - Sakuma Berry Farm

Five Lessons for Organizing Emerge from a Berry Farm One of the most significant highlights of 2016, for me, was the phone call I received the night before Labor Day to inform me that Familias Unidas por la Justicia and Sakuma Brothers Farm had signed a legally binding agreement outlining how the two parties would […]

The Evolving Relationship Between Fair Trade and Cadbury – Good News or Bad?

Cadbury and Fairtrade International, through the UK labeling organization Fairtrade Foundation, recently announced chocolate bars would no longer be certified fair trade. Instead, the bars will, in coming years, carry a Cocoa Life label and, in the UK at least, a description of a partnership between Fairtrade Foundation and Cocoa Life. The Fairtrade Foundation logo […]

What Kind of Public Investment Would You Like to See in Our Food System?

Food System

Send us your thoughts and we may print them in the Readers Speak section of the next issue of For a Better World Federal, state, and local government agencies spend billions of dollars a year in ways that affect our food system. At the federal level, the Farm Bill is responsible for about $10billion in […]

We Did It! And We Have More to Do!

170,000 Say No to TPP

Over the last several years we have joined with hundreds of organizations that defend the environment, democracy, working families, and human rights, small businesses, and faith communities to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the massive trade deal brokered by and for large corporations at the expensive of farmers, working families, public health, and environment. Many […]

Take Action – No Dakota Access Pipeline

No to Access Pipeline

The struggle at Standing Rock has reached a critical point and Indigenous water protectors need support and solidarity more than ever. For the last several months, thousands of activists, led by Standing Rock Sioux tribe and members of nearly 100 more tribes from across the U.S. and Canada, have confronted the construction of the Dakota […]

Shocked, heartbroken, and in solidarity

We are shocked and heartbroken. We have stacked some of the most important elected leadership positions in this country with officials who speak against not for the most marginalized people in our communities. Officials who deny climate change as both a scientific and social reality and who support Big Ag and its corporate agenda. These […]

Tell Major Food Retailers to be Leaders in Farmworker Justice!


You may have noticed that big grocery store chains like Safeway, Trader Joe’s, and Kroger are starting to talk about social justice as part of sustainability and are offering more products making such claims. Safeway claims that “people are the core of Safeway’s operating philosophy” and has started offering more products claiming fair trade status. […]

Nestlé Needs to Take Responsibility for Its Supply Chain

should Nestle be fair trade?

Most of us eat a lot of processed and packaged food. In the fair trade movement we talk about what kind of fair trade labels should be allowed on these packaged products. Should a company like NestlĂ© be allowed to put a fair trade label on a product like a Kit Kat even if all […]

Historic Farmworker Agreement Is Model for Farms

Workers line up to vote

Several years ago we heard about a labor dispute in Washington. A group of farmworkers organized as Familias Unidas por la Justicia had coordinated a series of walkouts and lawsuits to demand changes at the farm, including paid breaks, better housing, higher pay, among other improvements. By the time we heard about their struggles, they […]