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Ivanka Trump’s Very Bad Answer to the Question “Who Made My Clothes”

Ivanka Trump Uses Sweatshops for Clothing Line

Fashion Revolution Week 2017 (April 24-30) marked the four-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy in which over a thousand workers were killed when their visible unsafe factory collapsed. Consumers marked the week by asking “Who Made My Clothes.” This is a way to share brands and retailers that consumers care about the people who […]

A Deep Dive into Ethical Label Claims

Cocoa farmer in Colombia

The Washington Post recently published a provocative infographic about ethical chocolate and what those labels on your chocolate bar might mean. Included were three fair trade labels that originally aimed to empower marginalized farming communities in the most socially and economically disadvantaged parts of the world. Rainforest Alliance, a label with some basic social and […]

Marches for Transparency, Climate Justice, and Inclusion Planned – All Invited to Take Action!

Contact your member of Congress

Over 300,000 people marched during the people’s climate march in New York in 2014. Over a half million people marched in Washington DC for the Women’s March in January of this year with millions of other participating in similar marches around the world. These events demonstrated loudly and clearly the demand of people for policies […]

Five Ways to Have a Voice and Get Involved

climate march

President Trump’s initial budget proposal called for massive budget reductions to programs like environmental protection, safe food, and sustainable agriculture. Coupled with new policy initiatives such as a proposed but abandoned national healthcare law that would have caused 24 million people to lose insurance access, two attempts by the new administration to restrict immigration from […]

Beware of the Bilateral Trade Deal

NAFTA Kills Jobs...

The trade priorities of President Obama included negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Both were massive agreements, TPP involving 12 countries responsible for 40% of the global economy and TTIP directly encompassing the European Union and United States, but with far reaching consequences for other countries. Both agreements, […]

Fair World Project Statement on Puzder

A day before his scheduled hearing, Andrew Puzder withdrew his nomination for Secretary of Labor amid widespread opposition. This news is a reminder that organizing and resisting does work. Upon Puzder’s nomination, dozens of organizations formed a coalition to oppose Puzder. Thousands of citizens called and wrote to the HELP committee and their own Senators […]

Fair Trade: A Movement for All

True fair trade is about mutually beneficial relationships rooted in trust and respect spanning geographic and cultural boundaries. As a global movement, fair trade brings attention to people around the world who work under exploitative conditions and highlights the true costs of goods in global supply chains. Organizations and activists, businesses and brands, farmers, workers […]

Sonny Perdue Nominated for Secretary of Agriculture: What Does It Mean?

Sonny Perdue

Donald Trump waited until two days before his inauguration to nominate a Secretary of Agriculture, ending weeks of speculation, and leaving very little time for the nominee to prepare to head the department that oversees our food supply and a $155 billion dollar budget. This delay indicates that Trump does not place high value on […]

We All Have a Role

A Victory For Our Children - Sakuma Berry Farm

Five Lessons for Organizing Emerge from a Berry Farm One of the most significant highlights of 2016, for me, was the phone call I received the night before Labor Day to inform me that Familias Unidas por la Justicia and Sakuma Brothers Farm had signed a legally binding agreement outlining how the two parties would […]

The Evolving Relationship Between Fair Trade and Cadbury – Good News or Bad?

Cadbury and Fairtrade International, through the UK labeling organization Fairtrade Foundation, recently announced chocolate bars would no longer be certified fair trade. Instead, the bars will, in coming years, carry a Cocoa Life label and, in the UK at least, a description of a partnership between Fairtrade Foundation and Cocoa Life. The Fairtrade Foundation logo […]