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September 1, 2012



Equal Exchange Challenges Green Mountain Coffee on the Future of Fair Trade


In a rare business-to-business plea Equal Exchange has released an open letter to Larry Blanford, the CEO of fellow New England specialty coffee company, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) in the form of a full-page color ad in the Burlington Free Press (Vermont), encouraging the multi-billion dollar brand to withdraw its support from the controversial certification agency, Fair Trade USA (FTUSA).


GMCR, based in Waterbury, VT, was itself an ‘early adopter’ and has been offering Fair Trade coffee for 14 years. To their considerable credit GMCR recently become the world’s largest purveyor of Fair Trade Certified™ coffee, handling more than 26,000,000 pounds of Fair Trade coffee annually. They have also donated generously to support various economic development efforts in coffee growing communities. However, while acknowledging these accomplishments, in the ad, Equal Exchange challenges GMCR to “open your eyes…to the controversy raging…” and “leave Fair Trade USA” in light of recent unilateral changes enacted by the agency.


Read Equal Exchange’s press release here: http://fairworldproject.org/news/single/516


Fairtrade International (FLO) Establishes Organization in the United States


In the wake of the FLO/Fair Trade USA split last year, FLO has established an US office to promote fair trade and certify FLO fair trade products in the United States. To date, several high profile fair trade companies, like Ben & Jerrry’s, Divine Chocolate and Wholesome Sweetners, have committed to the FLO system. Consumers can expect to see the FLO symbol on fair trade on shelves this fall.


FWP World Fair Trade Day Sweepstakes Winner Announced

World Fair Trade Day (WFTD) 2012 was as a rousing success. FWP, with dedicated fair trade brands Alaffia, Alter Eco, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, Guayaki, Equal Exchange, and Maggie’s Organics, sponsored over 500 WFTD events. In collaboration with Intrepid Travel, FWP hosted a fair trade vacation sweepstakes, with over 7550 applicants. Anne C. from New Jersey won the sweepstakes and will be traveling to Sri Lanka this November with her husband.

Congratulations Anne!



FWP and United Students for Fair Trade (USFT) Join Forces


USFT has joined FWP as a special campaign to catalyze university students for fair trade and social justice. FWP and USFT have collaborated over the course of the past year, promoting Alta Gracia clothing universities campaigns, as well as fair trade outreach and education efforts on college campuses. Looking forward, FWP and USFT will jointly advocate for small farmers, workers and artisans, as well as in favor of fair trade policies and economic justice.  “Students have played a critical role in the North American fair trade movement over the course of the last decade, advancing the cause of small` farmers, workers and artisans, while holding corporations accountable. Partnering with FWP will further USFT’s mission, bringing fair trade to more students and campuses,” said USFT National Coordinator, Maria Louzon.


Read more: http://fairworldproject.org/news/single/522


North American Fair Trade Council Open Letter to FTUSA


In a June 15th letter, dozens of fair trade producer organizations, traders and organizations called upon Fair Trade USA to establish an inclusive and transparent governance structure and to stop plans to expand fair trade certification to coffee plantations. Since June 15th, over 250 organizations and individuals have signed on to the open letter to FTUSA.


Read the complete letter here: http://fairworldproject.org/news/single/542


Cincinnati Food Hub: A Model for Union and Cooperative Collaboration


Many communities in the United States today face severe unemployment and poor access to healthy, local food. An innovative approach to addressing sustainable green jobs and local food systems is being launched in Cincinnati by the United Steel Workers Union, United Food and Commercial Workers, Mondragon cooperative organizations from Spain, the Center for Community Change, with local activists and academics are joining forces to establish a food hub in Cincinnati, Ohio. According to the USDA, a food hub is “a centrally located facility with a business management structure facilitating the aggregation, storage, processing, distribution, and/or marketing of locally/regionally produced

food.” This novel approach prioritizes both fair work conditions with local and healthy food.


Learn more:




Truly Equitable Trade: A Vision for Transformative Markets

credit - Equal Exchange Coop - Cooperativa Norandino Members

Fair trade has shown itself to be a successful model for building capacity and allowing marginalized producers to enter the market. Yet the fair trade movement is falling short of its potential to achieve genuine, profound, inclusive and democratic fair trade that truly transforms the way in which markets and economies are established. In June […]

The Road to Food Sovereignty

Global Land Use and Food Production Statistics

For every dollar consumers spent in supermarkets, health and environmental damages cost two dollars more. Our planet can no longer afford the industrial food chain that is destroying our planet and our health. The solution? To support the interlinked network of small-scale farmers, livestock-keepers, pastoralists, hunters and gatherers, fishers and urban producers who already feed […]

Fair For All: The Climate Solutions Embedded in Fair Trade

Woman picks Papaya - Serendipol - Dr Bronner

Experts agree, it’s high time we make some changes in the ways we grow food and crops. The good news is that small scale-farmers and their fair trade cooperatives are already leading the way to a new future—read on for seven principles that fair trade and climate advocates can agree on. Written by Anna Canning […]

Collaborating to Cool the Planet

photo-credit: Coop Coffees - Training group

How Farmer-to-Farmer Trainings Are Spreading New Solutions to Climate Change In the fall of 2017, Grow Ahead, a partner of Fair World Project, successfully crowdfunded a farmer-to-farmer training in Nicaragua. Here’s what José Fernando Reyes of Norandino Cooperative in Peru has to say about his experience. How Farmer-to-Farmer Trainings are Spreading New Solutions to Climate […]

Building Power From the Ground Up

Black Dirt Farm Collective

“There is no food sovereignty without land; land really is the basis of power, and it does not get simpler than that. Land is the primary mechanism for many of us poor folks and people of color to actually have something to stand on and have a future to farm. And it is not just […]

Product Picks

Tortilla Stones

We asked members of our staff and editorial board for some of their current favorite products that support traditional foods and the communities they are rooted in. Find them online or at your favorite natural food store! Deforestation, decreasing biodiversity, increasing pesticide use – those are just a few of the ways that our industrial […]

Fair Trade is the Pathway to Regenerative Agriculture

Coop Coffee

The movement for a food system that sustains people and planet is been growing. Fair trade offers a model to incorporate fair livelihoods and the true cost of production into regenerative agriculture models that are both new and very old, feeding the world and tending the planet. Written by Ryan Zinn The climate is changing, […]

A Soil-to-Soil Vision for the Fashion Revolution

Paige Green - Fibershed

From origins in Northern California, Fibershed is building a global network of regional regenerative fiber systems. Founder Rebecca Burgess describes her vision for vibrant local fibersheds that connect us to the landscapes that grow what we wear and sustains a new generation of farmers, ranchers, natural dyers and mills. From conventional cotton production, which uses […]

Fair Trade As We Do It: the Story of Jumbo Nuts

Annie Jose sewing rice seeds into her rice paddy

Fair Trade Alliance Kerala, the small-farmer collective I work for, is recapturing the homestead farming traditions of Kerala. Our goal is to grow to about 10,000 farming families stewarding about 40,000 acres of farmland, creating conditions that are akin to a tropical rainforest in crop diversity and biodiversity. For us, biodiversity is a food security […]

Regenetarians Unite!

Regenetarians Unite

As eaters, we have a choice: will our diets restore and replenish the earth, or will they deplete it? An exploration of three key principles that look beyond simple distinctions between omnivore and vegan towards a new Regenetarian ethos. By David Bronner How the Regenerative Agriculture and Animal Welfare Movements Can End Factory Farming, Restore […]