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World Fair Trade Day, May 14, is a global celebration of fair trade bringing together thousands committed to building healthy and sustainable communities with small-scale producers worldwide. When you choose products from fair trade brands committed to working with small-scale farmers, you create positive change in the lives of farmers, farmworkers, producers and their families.

Create Positive Change with World Fair Trade Day this May.

As consumers, every purchase we make is a vote within the market place. These votes influence not only which products we see on shelves but also where those products come from and how they are made. Vote for positive change this May and every day by making a change to dedicated fair trade brands.

Dedicated fair trade brands, with your support, are making positive change in the way business is done around the world. This means that every step along their brands' production lines reinforces fair trade relationships with small-scale farmers, farmworkers, and producers. Unlike exploitative global free trade, committed fair trade brands respect and contribute toward the wellbeing of the individuals, families and communities where trade is done; they show the same respect for farmers and producers that we expect to see in our own communities.

Small-scale, fair trade farmers and producers also create positive change by restoring and improving their natural environment, engaging in democratically run businesses and organizations, and more. So whether it's your coffee or chocolate, t-shirts or socks, soaps and shampoos, or bananas and nuts, there's a supply chain dedicated to positive change within the production of these every-day goods.

Cacao farmer, Equal Exchange fair trade partner

Find dedicated fair trade products on sale at a participating market near you this May.

Stores across the nation are creating positive change by celebrating World Fair Trade Day, showcasing dedicated fair trade brands, and providing in store education. Check out our Find a Store Near You page to learn which of your favorite stores are helping bring us more than just healthy food but a healthy global economy too.

Why choose dedicated fair trade?

Unlike mega, multi-national companies who squeeze more for less out of our planet's people, land and resources, World Fair Trade Day partner brands directly engage in:

  • Long-term direct trading relationships
  • Prompt payment of fair prices
  • No child, forced or otherwise exploited labor
  • Workplace non-discrimination, gender equity and freedom of association
  • Democratic & Transparent Organizations
  • Investment in community development projects
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Traceability and transparency
  • Safe working conditions and reasonable work hours

Learn more about other fair trade organizations that are committed to working towards a just economy on our Allied Organizations page and by clicking on World Fair Trade Day partner logos below.

  Dr Bronner's
Theo Chocolate
    Fair World Project   Fair Trade Federation

Are you a retailer interested in participating in World Fair Trade Day? Click here to sign up!