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A ‘Naked’ Fair Wash?

So, Naked Juice is getting into the fair trade game, marketing a new fair trade coconut water drink. Great news, right? Not so fast. Naked Juice recently launched a fair trade coconut water drink, certified by Fair Trade USA (FTUSA), raising major concerns for fair trade consumers and advocates. For Fair World Project’s take on […]

Exploring Fair Trade Apparel Part 4

supply change

The Apparel Industry in a Nutshell The tragic events in Bangladesh underscore that the apparel industry remains one of the most dangerous and abusive industries on the planet. From child labor on cotton plantations and impoverished cotton producers in West Africa, to dangerous working conditions and poverty wages throughout the Global South, including the Global […]

Hershey’s and Godiva: Two Time Losers


The upcoming elections are providing to be a crucial flashpoint for social and environmental issues. In California, a diverse group of organizations, farmers and businesses have banded together to place a right to know initiative on the California ballot, Proposition 37, to require labeling of genetically modified foods. After years of organizing at the federal […]

See you in Leesburg


TPP: Out of the Shadows! Rally for Good Jobs, Affordable Medicine & a Healthy Environment Sunday, September 9  •  3:00pm Lansdowne Resort  •  44050 Woodridge Pkwy  •  Leesburg, Virginia RSVP online now for bus, carpool and other information As the 14th major round Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations gets under way in northern Virginia, please join with […]

Fair World Project Action Alert & Backgrounder: Support Small Coffee Farmers! Stop ?fair trade? coffee plantations

Take Action! Send a letter to Fair Trade USA, Fairtrade International and IMO and urge them to continue supporting small coffee farmers by not certifying plantation coffee. Fair Trade USA? (formerly TransFair USA) and its new initiative, Fair Trade For All, ?aims to expand fair trade certification to include coffee plantations.? ?Fair Trade for All? […]

Ecuador Fair Trade Visit Part I: Adventures in Organic Fair Trade Alcohol


When the first FLO certified pound of fair trade coffee reached consumers over 11 years ago, no one could have possibly imagined that within a decade, fair trade products would expand to include everything from quinoa and cosmetic products. While fair trade has expanded steadily to include cocoa, tea and sugar, in recent years the […]

Activists turn heat up on Hershey’s

Today Hershey’s is hosting its annual shareholders’ meeting in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Despite being the United States’ oldest and largest chocolate company, Hershey’s has refused to implement any policy to protect its workers, including children, or trace its cocoa. Virtually every other major global chocolate company has instituted some policy for tracing its cocoa, and in […]

Fair Traders: Share Your Stories

Got a story to share with other Fair Traders, the media, and the community at large? Submit it to the For a Better World Blog and your accomplishments, plans, and leadership will be showcased before a national audience. To submit a press release, story idea, or other document, e-mail Ryan Zinn @ 800-631-9980. If […]

Discovery Organics: Taking Fair Trade Further

Discovery Organics Certified Fair Trade products

Discovery Organics, a British Colombia based organic and fair trade distributors has a unique commitment to fair trade. While there are several examples of 100% fair trade coffee roasters and mission driven companies that have made comprehensive pledge to fair trade, very few distributors and wholesalers undergone the investment and commitment to fair trade, like […]