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EPA Taking Comments on Protecting Agriculture Workers

The EPA is now taking comments (Through August 18, 2014) on its proposed rule Pesticides: Agricultural Worker Protection Standard. Though the proposed rule will strengthen safety standards for the millions of farmworkers who work with or near pesticides on farms, farmworker advocates like the Farmworker Association of Florida and CATA-the Farmworker Support Committee point out [...]

Committed Organizations Respond to Fair Trade Research

In response to the recent report Fairtrade, Employment and Poverty Reduction in Ethiopia and Uganda, over 100 committed producers, traders, and advocates, both individuals and organizations, issued a statement in support of fair trade. The report found that wage laborers on fair trade farms and plantations in Uganda and Ethiopia were no better off than [...]

Fair World Project’s Statement in Response to the “Fair Trade Employment and Poverty Reduction in Uganda and Ethiopia Report”

The Fair Trade, Employment and Poverty Reduction Project (FTEPR) released its final report on its four-year research into agricultural labor in Ethiopia and Uganda this past April. One of the main conclusions of this report was that wages among workers in fair trade certified operations were on average lower, and working conditions no better or [...]

Report on Fair Trade Labor in Ethiopia and Uganda Released

The Fair Trade, Employment and Poverty Reduction Project released its final report on its four-year research into agricultural labor in Ethiopia and Uganda.  One of the main findings of this report was that wages among workers in fair trade certified operations were on average lower and working conditions no better or sometimes worse than on farms [...]

Grievances Against Walmart Mount; Fair World Project Stands In Solidarity With Workers and Farmers Throughout Wal-Mart Supply Chains


On November 18, 2013 the National Labor Relations board announced they would prosecute Walmart for workers’ rights violations including unfair disciplinary action and firing of workers attempting to unionize.  This announcement further legitimized the complaints and demands that have been mounting from Walmart workers for months, including forced holiday work and low wages. Walmart’s PR [...]

Responses to Fairtrade International’s Fairtrade Sourcing Partnership

Fairtrade International recently released a proposal called the Fairtrade Sourcing Partnership that would allow a fair trade label (similar to the current fair trade mark used by Fairtrade International and its labeling parters such as Fairtrade America) if 100% of either sugar or cocoa are certified, even if other ingredients are not. This is a [...]

TTIP/TAFTA Crossborder Letter Re-Release

Fair World Project joined nearly 100 organization in the US and Europe register our early concern about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), also known as Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), based on the information about the coming negotiations and state our opposition to the use of behind-closed-door trade negotiations to change and lower [...]

Fair World Project Statement Regarding Fair Trade USA (FTUSA) Apparel Program

Like many of you, Fair World Project is concerned with the apparel industry and the farmers and workers involved in the complex, often dangerous, supply chain. This has been especially true after the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh where 1,129 workers died in April. We certainly understand the desire to believe there is a fair [...]

Fair Trade USA Publishes New Multi-Ingredient Labeling Policy

In late August, Fair Trade USA (FTUSA) announced a new labeling policy for multi-ingredient products. When the initial draft of this policy was released in the spring, Fair World Project opposed many of the proposed changes. The final published policy does address some of our concerns, for example it eliminates the exemption for dairy in [...]

July eNewsletter: Tune In Now – New Free Trade Agreement and New FWP Blog Series

Fair World Project:

Dear Supporter, Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement Symposium July 9th The Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) threatens to build on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and similar trade deals focused on removing “trade irritants” like food safety standards and environmental protections without regard for the cost to public health, local food systems and our [...]