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Some Relief for Farmworkers in Mexico; Corporations Still Not Held Accountable


Thousands of farmworkers in San Quintin, Mexico went on strike in March.  The US imports nearly $7 billion worth of fresh fruits and vegetables annually from Mexico, much of if from the San Quintin region, on the Baja Peninsula. In the early weeks of the strike, roads were blocked and millions of dollars and produce […]

Fast Track: The Next Steps

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The key to defeating Fast Track is the House of Representatives. That has been the message of groups like Citizen Trade Campaign for years and remains true today, where proponents of the bill report they are twenty votes short. We’ve reported before that the growing opposition to Fast Track includes hundreds of labor rights, environmental, […]

Major Fast Track Victory


Today the Senate voted on whether to debate Fast Track on the Senate Floor. Votes fell short, a huge victory for Senators who have been critical of Fast Track, like Senator Harry Reid and Senator Elizabeth Warren, as well as grassroots organizers. Citizens and activists have been calling and writing their Senators and Representatives and […]

Update on Driscoll’s Boycott

On March 24, 2015, Fair World Project sent a letter to Driscoll’s, signed by nearly 10,000 consumers, expressing concern for farmworkers at Sakuma Brothers farm in Washington. Driscoll’s responded by inviting a dialogue on this issue. Driscoll’s partners with Sakuma Brothers to grow and market blueberries and blackberries. Fair World Project accepted this offer for […]

Fair World Project Statement on Nestle USA’s Synbio Commitment

Fair World Project sent two letters in the spring of 2015 asking Nestlé USA to clarify their position on synbio after Nestlé USA’s announcement that they would eliminate artificial colors and flavors from many popular candy bars. Our concern is that artificial ingredients, especially vanilla, may be replaced by ingredients such as synbio vanilla (produced […]

Opposition to Fast Track Speeds Up


A few weeks ago, the “Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act” was introduced into Congress. With words like “bipartisan” and “accountability” in the name, it sounds like the kind of bill everyone would want. Known by its other name, the Ryan-Hatch Fast Track Bill, it might raise a few more red flags. Fast Track […]

Raise the Wage Act

Momentum to raise the minimum wage for low-wage workers, many of them in the food sector, has been gaining in recent years. Fast Food workers in particular have been at the forefront of the fight, demanding $15/hour as fair compensation for the work they do. It is not just workers themselves who support increased wages. […]

New Federal Minimum Wage Bill to be Introduced This Week

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Later this week Senator Patty Murray will introduce a new federal minimum wage bill calling for an increase from the current level of $7.25 to $12 by 2020. This legislation has strong support among Democrats in Congress as well as the general public. Polling shows that even among Republicans, over half favor increasing the minimum […]

Finding Hope in Agriculture

We talk a lot about how our food system is broken. A look around the globe reveals signs of hope and healing as well. In our own recent blog post we report on the efforts in El Salvador to elevate the needs of local small-scale farmers and food sovereignty above the dictates of global trade […]

El Salvador Puts People and Environment First, Challenging Trade Rules


The citizens and government of El Salvador have inspired many by demonstrating the possibility of resistance against large corporations and the unfavorable trade regulations they have created by protecting the interests of the country’s own farmers, food, and environment. Last summer news broke that the US was threatening to pull aid from El Salvador if […]