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El Salvador Farmers Successfully Defy Monsanto


The perils of ingesting food that has any contact with a Monsanto-produced product are in the news on nearly a weekly basis.  As Dr. Jeff Ritterman has documented, Monstanto’s herbicide, Roundup, has been linked to a fatal kidney disease epidemic, and has also been repeatedly linked to cancer.  Recently, a senior research scientist at MIT […]

Consumers Stand in Solidarity With Farmworkers; Ask Driscoll’s to do the Same


Familias Unidas por la Justicia started to make news back in 2013 when they organized six strikes at the Sakuma Brothers Berry Farm in Washington, though the struggle of workers there was already at least a decade long. Farmworkers in the United States face notoriously dangerous working conditions for low pay and are housing, when […]

Declaration of the International Forum for Agroecology

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“Agroecology is political; it requires us to challenge and transform structures of power in society. We need to put the control of seeds, biodiversity, land and territories, waters, knowledge, culture and the commons in the hands of the peoples who feed the world,” according to the declaration of the International Forum of Agroecology.

An Opportunity Is Coming: Support Working Families

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The current federal minimum wage is $7.25. There has been a lot of well-warranted excitement recently about cities and states raising their local minimum wages. But the reality is that many working families do not live in Seattle ($15/hour by 2018), or Richmond CA ($13/hour by 2018) or Montgomery County, MD ($11.50 by 2017) and […]

Justice for Workers Has No Boundaries


“We come to the US to work because we can’t get a price for our product at home. There’s no alternative.” Rufino Dominguez, Director of the Oaxacan Institute for Attention to Migrants Lately we’ve been getting more and more questions about whether we support undocumented workers in labor disputes. The short answer is we will […]

10th Issue of For a Better World Now Available


In this issue, we cover topics that are affecting everyone around the globe. With record- breaking heat waves, droughts, floods and super storms around the world, we focus our cover story on food, farming and climate change – and how small-scale farmers hold the power to mitigate climate change while feeding the world. Our cover […]

Pressure On Companies Works So Let’s Step It Up


Last week two separate news stories highlighted the fact that large corporations do make changes under pressure. Nestle announced they will start removing artificial colors and flavors from their candy. And Wal-Mart announced they will gave a half million employees raises, paying a minimum of $10/hour by next February. Wal-Mart workers have been tireless in […]

Tell Driscoll’s to Be Fair!


Farmworkers at the Sakuma Brothers berry farm in Washington state have been in a years-long struggle for fair pay and rights protection with farm owners. Workers, under the banner of Familias Unidas por la Justicia (United Families for Justice) have been trying to obtain a legally binding contract that ensures a fair wage and decent […]

President Obama Seeks to Revive Fast Track

As part of his State of the Union address, President Obama announced his attention to revive Fast Track, the dangerous legislation that would give him authority to negotiate international trade treaties like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP) without debate or approval from Congress. Despite Obama’s promises to […]

International Year of Family Farming (IYFF) Concludes; 2015 is the International Year of Soils

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2014 marked the United Nation’s International Year of Family Farming. Numerous activities and actions were carried out, promoting the critical role family farmers play in agricultural, forestry, fisheries, pastoral and aquaculture production. Via Campesina, the globe’s largest federation of small farmers, published this analysis to put the campaign and the day to day challenges of […]