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On the Climate Change Frontlines

The United States Agency for International Development recently published a post highlighting a number of concerns as it relates to climate change, poverty and agriculture. Particularly notable for Fair Traders is the index of country vulnerability. Many of the countries ranked as “extremely” vulnerable to the negative impacts of climate change are also countries with […]

Ecuador Fair Trade Visit Part I: Adventures in Organic Fair Trade Alcohol

When the first FLO certified pound of fair trade coffee reached consumers over 11 years ago, no one could have possibly imagined that within a decade, fair trade products would expand to include everything from quinoa and cosmetic products. While fair trade has expanded steadily to include cocoa, tea and sugar, in recent years the […]

Interview with Interrupcion* Fair Trade’s Michela* Calabrese

What is the mission and history of?interrupcion* fair trade? interrupcion* is a stakeholder community that is working to build a positive future through responsible consumption, sustainable community development, organic farming and fair trade. We seek to build a model of trade and global interaction between consumers, businesses and producers that positively impacts the social, economic […]

Fair World Project works with Fair Trade Cooperative in Indonesia

Over the past 10 years I have been working in the fair trade movement focusing mostly on supporting community development projects that are producing traditional crafts.? First with my own educational fair trade company, then starting Global Exchange’s Wholesale Division and now as the Executive Director of Fair World Project.? I have had the good […]

Activists turn heat up on Hershey’s

Today Hershey’s is hosting its annual shareholders’ meeting in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Despite being the United States’ oldest and largest chocolate company, Hershey’s has refused to implement any policy to protect its workers, including children, or trace its cocoa. Virtually every other major global chocolate company has instituted some policy for tracing its cocoa, and in […]

Fair Traders: Share Your Stories

Got a story to share with other Fair Traders, the media, and the community at large? Submit it to the For a Better World Blog and your accomplishments, plans, and leadership will be showcased before a national audience. To submit a press release, story idea, or other document, e-mail Ryan Zinn @ 800-631-9980. If […]

Discovery Organics: Taking Fair Trade Further

Discovery Organics, a British Colombia based organic and fair trade distributors has a unique commitment to fair trade. While there are several examples of 100% fair trade coffee roasters and mission driven companies that have made comprehensive pledge to fair trade, very few distributors and wholesalers undergone the investment and commitment to fair trade, like […]

Coffee prices explained, sort of

Confused by skyrocketing coffee prices? Climate change, commodity speculation, crop failures, among other factors are all impacting the conventional and fair trade coffee market. Across the board, producers are faced with increased fuel costs, inflation and an overall rise in their basic food basket. For a great piece pulling together , check out Just Coffee’s […]

Interview with Higher Grounds Trading Company’s Chris Treter

Editor’s note: This interview with Chris Treter is the first of an ongoing series of interviews with fair trade leaders and thinkers. 1) What is the mission of Higher Grounds Trading Company? Higher Grounds Trading Co. was founded to provide a direct link to growing cooperatives and the coffee consumers by working directly with small-scale […]

Fair trade gold, fish, and condoms, oh my!

Fair trade seems to be growing by leaps and bounds these days. Fair trade gold made headlines in February, just in time for Valentines Day. While Fairtrade gold provides consumers with an alternative to ?dirty gold,? the Fairtrade Labelling Organizations (FLO) standards, as the NGO Earthworks has pointed out, will need more improvement and refining. […]