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The Media Got It Wrong: Farmworker Justice and Fumigant Use Are Consumer Concerns


Last week, Capital Public Radio, a National Public Radio station in Sacramento, reported on Driscoll’s commitment to start its organic seedlings organically, despite a federal exemption that allows organic strawberries to start with conventional seedlings. This is an exemption many consumers don’t know about and a change that organic advocates have been campaigning in favor […]

Trading Margaritas for Maize: A New Perspective on Mexico

by guest bloggers Olivia Schott and Emily Silvius Our names are Olivia Schott and Emily Silvius, and we are both sophomores at the University of Cincinnati. Olivia is studying fashion design, and Emily is studying urban planning. We were fortunate enough to be invited on an educational jaunt to Southern Mexico with a group of […]

To Address Child Labor in Cocoa, Hold Companies Accountable, but Give Communities the Voice

It has been nearly three years since Hershey first announced their goal of 100% “certified” cocoa by 2020 in response to consumer pressure and recognition that labor abuses, including human trafficking and child labor, are rampant in the cocoa industry of West Africa. Hershey claims to be ahead of its targets toward this goal. Hershey […]

The Importance of How

CAFO - Animal Cruelty

Both the fair trade and organic movements have at times been called niche markets. Growing, at rates as high as 14% for both, but still a small piece of the market overall. But even this significant growth rate underestimates the even more significant impact of these movements. Where other food-focused movements emphasize what foods to […]

A Visit With Farmers in Chiapas, Mexico

For the past several years it seems everywhere we go, farmers talk, unprompted, about changes in the climate. It’s too hot or too rainy or too dry. Not predictable in any case. This means changes in the Harvest. In Peru we heard that the coffee never really stopped ripening so that the pest cycle was […]

US State Department Issues Trafficking In Persons Report: Why You Should Care

Trafficking In Persons Report Image

Earlier this week the US State Department issued its annual Trafficking In Persons Report. More than just a report, this is a tool to pressure governments to address human rights abuses and slavery within their borders. FWP joined other allies in sending a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry supporting the decision to keep […]

The minimum wage landscape is rapidly changing

Macdonalds: Im not loving poverty wages, protest sign...

The new Raise the Wage Act to raise the federal minimum wage and tipped wage is more ambitious than last year’s Fair Minimum Wage Act. Cities like Seattle and Los Angeles (and LA County) have already voted to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour and DC will take up a similar ballot initiative next year. […]

Not All Eco-Social Labels Are Fair Trade

Economic Criteria Table

Fair World Project recently participated in writing an International Guide to Fair Trade Labels. The main purpose was to evaluate fair trade labels, making both generalities about them collectively and looking at each in detail. One aspect of this evaluation was to look at how fair trade labels differ from other eco-social labels. This was […]

Do We Need Fair Fish?

In addition to environmental problems long-associated with the fishing industry, reports and media coverage in recent years have shed light on labor abuses including child labor, forced labor, and wage theft. Fair Trade USA (FTUSA) has identified the need to address labor as part of sustainable fishing and in this they are a leader. Their […]

Six Years Is Too Long!

July 24th will mark 6 years from the last time the federal minimum wage has been raised.  In the last 6 years, prices on lots of everyday items and basic needs like food and housing have gone up but millions of low-wage workers earn $7.25/hour, a poverty wage even at full-time hours. The Raise the […]