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Farmworkers in Washington Start Another Season Without a Contract

Stand with Farmworkers

Over the winter, nearly 10,000 consumers signed a petition to Driscoll’s asking them to intervene on behalf of farmworkers at Sakuma Brothers Farm in Washington state. Workers at Sakuma Brothers have been in a struggle to improve pay and conditions after facing years of poor pay, wage theft, inadequate housing conditions, and abuse from supervisors. […]

A Setback for Fast Track But No Final Word

Today the House of Representatives took another vote on Trade Promotion Authority or “Fast Track.” It was a close vote but proponents prevailed 218-208. Fast Track is the bill needed to give the President authority to move forward with the negotiating free trade policies such as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). It is the way […]

Another Victory in Defeating Fast Track!

Today the House of Representatives brought us one step closer to finally defeating Fast Track. The House took three votes on three components of the Fast Track bill already passed by the Senate. To give President Obama Fast Track authority all three components needed to pass. In a stunning victory for advocates of fair trade […]

The Repeal of COOL is Just the Beginning


The Country of Original Labeling (COOL) law requires retailers to let consumers know where their beef, pork, and chicken was raised and slaughtered. As simple as this seems, it has become a center of controversy with big implications. The House of Representatives, earlier this week, voted to repeal cool. (Fair World Project in the past […]

Trade Is Good But Rules Must Be Fair

NAFTA Kills Jobs...

For several years now we’ve heard the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) called things like, “the secret trade deal you’ve never heard of.” This is starting to change since the introduction of the new Fast Track bill. Fast Track is the bill needed to give President Obama authority to move forward with the negotiation. It is the […]

Can Transparency Bring About Change?

Problems in Wal-Mart's supply chain

Three recent reports have highlighted the role of transparency in improving our food and agriculture system. Last week, Food Chain Workers Alliance (of which Fair World Project is a member) released a new report on problems in Wal-Mart’s supply chain. The report finds that Wal-Mart’s suppliers consistently fail to meet Wal-Mart’s own code of ethics […]

Addressing Labor Abuses in Ethical Apparel


Kerstin Lindgren Recently the Atlantic published an article detailing problems of human trafficking and other labor abuses in Patagonia’s supply chain and the efforts of Patagonia to address them. The source of information about these problems is Patagonia’s own internal audit reports and although the reports are not public, discussion of main findings by the […]

Money Sets the Agenda Part 2: World Expo

Graffiti like this can be seen throughout Milan

The theme of the Milan World Fair (Expo 2015) is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” Questions about how to feed a growing global population and eliminate hunger are not new. The Expo is expected to attract 20 million visitors from around the world by the time it closes in October (after opening last month). […]

Money Sets the Agenda Part 1: Catching Kids Early

To teach children the benefits of nanotechnology in improving our lives, you need only head to a museum partner of the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network. Can’t make it to the museum? This group also makes available lesson plans to “educate” school children on the unquestionable “benefits” of nanotech. Nanoparticles are very tiny particles (measured […]

Some Relief for Farmworkers in Mexico; Corporations Still Not Held Accountable

Thousands of farmworkers in San Quintin, Mexico went on strike in March.  The US imports nearly $7 billion worth of fresh fruits and vegetables annually from Mexico, much of if from the San Quintin region, on the Baja Peninsula. In the early weeks of the strike, roads were blocked and millions of dollars and produce […]