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Fair Prices for Cocoa: Too Much to Ask?

Fair Prices for Cocoa: Too Much to Ask?

The price of cocoa has been in the news a lot again lately. First, the Supreme Court agreed that Nestle and other corporations could be sued by former child slaves, a move that may finally start to hold corporations accountable for labor abuse in their cocoa supply chains. Next, a craft chocolate company was accused […]

Corporate Greed Won’t Get the Last Word

Barely into the new year and already two pieces of concerning news have hit the radar. First, TransCanada announced it would sue the US government for blocking the Keystone XL pipeline. The pipeline would have added capacity to the dirty oil industry, helping them to ship tar sand oil from Canada through the United States, […]

First Paris, Now Organize

Advocates for Climate Justice in Paris 2015

Last week in Paris, nearly 200 countries came to an agreement on how to address climate change by reducing emissions to slow the rising global temperature. On Saturday, advocates for climate justice took to the streets, to have “the last word.” As it happened, negotiators missed their Friday night deadline over last minute disagreements, with […]

International Food Workers Week Is Coming

Walmart Protest

This week Walmart employees and supporters have started two weeks of fasting, leading up to Black Friday. “It’s a representation of starvation labor,” explains one employee. “The fast is to show Walmart that this is what they are driving people to – hunger,” explains another. Walmart is not only the country’s largest retail chain, it […]

TPP: No Longer Secret, but Still Not Fair

Industrial Ag

Last month GRAIN released a report predicting the effects of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) on the food system and how that would impact the climate. In short, it would promote everything unsustainable about our current system including industrial agriculture, big agribusiness, and highly processed food, and undermine food sovereignty and local efforts to create […]

Tell the Nation’s Largest Restaurant Company: Serve Fair, Green and Healthier Food

As we’ve written about before, nearly half the money we spend on food is spent outside the home. Even the most conscientious shopper has little control about how fair and healthy our food is when we go to a restaurant. That is why we support efforts to push restaurants, and especially large restaurant chains with […]

Take Action for Fair Trade Month!

October is Fair Trade Month and much of the emphasis of this month is on buying fair trade products. This is understandable since there are so many fair brands doing amazing work on the ground while providing great products. When we support these brands, we are reminded that there is an alternative to the conventional […]

Time to Take Action: Farmers and Workers Feel Effects of Changing Weather

Climate Action

We can debate whether climate change is real or caused by humans. Most people have moved beyond debate and see it as fact, but feel free to continue to debate if you want. One thing that we cannot and should not debate is that weather events are affecting real people today. This is true of […]

Trade Week of Action

Global Climat March - International Day of Action

We are in the midst of the International Days of Action for democracy, social justice, and public services! This week of action on trade justice could not have come at a more appropriate time. Last week, negotiators finalized the text of the Trans Pacific Partnership. Criticism of this massive trade deal, involving the US and […]

Negotiators Finalize TPP, the Latest Unfair Trade Agreement

Take Action on the TPP

On October 5, 2015, negotiators announced they had finally reached agreements on sticking points and finalized the text of the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Widespread protests have yet to slow down this deal and it is time to rise up and say NO to unfair trade. Both inside and out of Congress, a broad […]